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Liberty Deer Christmas Tag + How To

T'is the season to be crafty! Earlier in the month, I had some secret squirrel sewing to do...and now the squirrels have received their secret gifts, I can share them here, on the blog! Ssshhhh.

I've been so blessed to meet so many lovely people online who share my love of craft and fabric, and even luckier to be part of an amazing crafting community. So when December rolled around, I wanted to send a little something to three girls I am glad to have met and befriended in 2016, and formed a secret squirrel society with! See, I was actually being serious. And they have an emoji for a squirrel so that seemed like a good name. Ssshhhh.

Only the best for the squirrels! I dug out my favourite Liberty Floral (Tatum), some linen, wool felt, yarn, gold felt, silver sparkle string and a little jingle bell, to make some sweet little deer tags/ornaments.

Complete with matching pom-pom of course.

I've written a mini-how-to below (bit more of a mud map really), 
incase you'd like to make some for your own deer friends.
I'm sorry, I am terrible with puns ;-)

What you need:

A small piece of floral fabric
A small piece of linen fabric
Wool felt in white and gold
Pink Yarn
A jingle bell
General sewing notions
A deer applique template - I used a Nana Company deer from a magazine pattern 
but I'm sure if you did a 'google', you'd find a suitable applique shape!

What to do:

Iron a piece of Vliesofix to the wrong side of your floral - 
the piece of fabric needs to be big enough for your applique shape.

On the Vliesofix side, trace around your chosen shape with a pencil, then cut out.
Peel off the Vliesofix and fix the deer to a piece of white felt. 

Cut around the deer, leaving a narrow outline of the felt.

Take a small piece of pink yarn and tie around the neck in a bow.

Baste your linen and white felt wrong sides together, then position the deer on top of the linen.
Using a gold metallic thread blanket stitch around the deer, stitching through both the linen and felt layers. Then using a narrow seam allowance, straight stitch onto the linen around the outline of the deer.

Cut out the shape, just out from the final line of straight stitching.

Cut a small rectangle of gold felt and stitch to the top of the deer to form a little tab. I used a dark brown embroidery thread to make a little 'x'.

Stitch the jingle bell at the neck, in front of the yarn bow.

Thread a loop of sparkle twine/yarn/string through the gold tab and you're done!

Make a pom-pom to match, and then hang from your Christmas tree, a hook on the wall or use as a decorative tag on your wrapping!

Megan xx


  1. Your petite herd looks so pretty! Thank you for the mud map instructions, I'd love to make some deer ... for next Christmas ;)xo

    1. Thank you so much Kellie! I'm so glad you love them ;-) Megan x


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