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Here & Now 08

I am having trouble coming to terms, with the fact that it is, December. While at times this year has dragged on at the speed of a geriatric snail, it has also gone along quite speedily too. So much so, that I'm not quite ready for it to be "twenty-seventeen" - excuse me for a little moment of arrrrggggh!

Right. Now I have that over with, we can move onto more interesting matters. One of those being this sweet little mouse that I greatly enjoyed stitching up a little while ago. She's tiny, she's adorable and there's a little air of Beatrix Potter about her....I call her Mrs. Tiffin.

She's a happy little sugar mouse, there are always crumbs about her little nose and mouth...mostly from cookies and cakes but she does sometimes indulge in a cheese sandwich and cup of tea. She has a whole tribe of children, so many she has lost count and her husband Mister Mice is fond of a pint at the local pub...something Mrs. Tiffin still isn't quite sure about but that's Mister Mice for you! Mrs. Tiffin happily spends her evenings knitting wee socks for all her offspring...there are a LOT of feet to keep warm! Secretly, Mrs. Tiffin harbours ambitions to start a cottage industry business...Mister Mice thinks that yarn balls made of cheese would be a top seller but Mrs. Tiffin isn't so sure....

Mrs. Tiffin is visiting the Dolly Henry crew for a much needed and well deserved vacation! 
I said she could stay, as long as she promises not to sneak too much plum pudding.

Finally, let's do the last "Here & Now" for 2016!

Loving //  That summer isn't treating me too badly so far!
Eating //  Chinese Dumplings...
Drinking //  Christmas in a Cup - recipe below!
Feeling //  Right this second....hungry!
Making //  Lots of things - the upcoming Hazel pattern, plus starting on a new quilt!
Wearing //  Handmade Dresses
Thinking //  That the weekend could do with an extra day or three :-)
Dreaming //  Of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Holiday Cheer
2. Want to make a Mrs. Tiffin too? Here is her free pattern!
3. Two Crafty Podcasts I love - here and here.
5. Fancy some fabric for your holiday making? I've got some sweet bundles in my little shop!

What is happening in your Here & Now?
Here & Now is inspired by Sarah of the Say! Little Hen blog. Join in with your blog! Share your Here & Now link over on Sarah's blog :-) Sarah has also introduced an INSTAGRAM Here & Now Link up this month for those who prefer it!


  1. Mrs Tiffin is just ADORABLE!! I love her little story. She's just too cute!
    Thank-you for joining in again xx

  2. Yes, Mrs. Tiffin is soooo adorable! Thank you for sharing your pattern and I'll have to make one for sure - I hope this Christmas, but if not, soon!

    1. Thank you Susan! You must, these mice are soooo cute!

  3. Mrs Tiffin is very cute. I think weekends should always be three days.

  4. Hello, Mrs. Tiffin. :) I know what you mean about time - I'm nowhere near ready for Christmas yet. Eek!

  5. Mrs Tiffin is the cutest little thing! I love her! I'm so jealous with how clever and crafty you are. :) xx


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