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Hazel Deer : The Pattern we are! I am so excited to *finally* launch the Hazel pattern.
Hazel was the quirky but delightful woodland deer I created on a whim earlier this year. I must admit when I made Hazel v1.0, I was a little doubtful as to whether she was going to come together well.

But that is the nature of softies, isn't it? They always look a little odd before they are stuffed and finished. One does need a tiny dash of faith while making them, as there are certainly times when one is sure one is making some kind of crazy alien and not a gorgeous doll. What a difference a face and some Polyfil can make!

Several months later, I decided to finally make her into a pattern as promised, and Hazel v2.0 emerged. I'm so happy with Hazel - both of her - she is such a fun creature to have around!

To celebrate her debut, Hazel has put together a little video of her dancing, 
just so you can see how much fun this little deer can be!

I know. Isn't she talented?

The biggest reason I am so happy to finally press the publish button on Hazel's pattern, is because it is just so nice to be able to say "I did it!" and have completed something I had an on-and-off relationship with for so long. I wasn't under any illusions that pattern making was easy, and indeed I am slowed by my recovering RSI with how much time I can spend on the computer and at the machine but bit by bit, I got there. I'd also like to say a lovely plummy thank-you to Kellie from Sew Mimi K for putting up with my emailing and helping to do a thorough check over of the pattern for me...thank you Kellie! Visit her blog here, I promise you'll love it!

When I created Hazel's pattern, it was important to me to keep the Dolly Henry style going throughout it. Therefore, I have made what I hope is a visually exciting E-book full of instructions and colour photographs to show you how to make your very own Hazel. I have also hand-illustrated the printable pattern pieces, to keep in with the whole 'handmade' pattern theme.  They are sprinkled with sketchy buttons and bows so you can even colour them in a little if you wish.

With your Hazel pattern, you will receive two patterns - 
one for Hazel herself and the other for her Hazel-sized fashion.

I have plans...plans (insert evil laugh) to make her some more clothing patterns in the future.
Hazel is a bit of a fashionista you see.

Hazel is an adventurous spirit so I'd like to say that confident beginners could make her pattern with ease. I'm never exactly sure what beginner actually means but the thing is, nothing ventured, nothing gained! I think if you want to have a go at making something, then go ahead and jolly well do it!

At least that is what Hazel would say, and she is a pilot after all.
(no, I don't know what relevance that has, but it sounded good)

Hazel Deer and her two patterns are now available in the Dolly Henry Store.

And now for a short story...

One summer's day, Hazel set out on a merry little walk. She decided to find her friend Matilda and go for a picnic. The two friends enjoyed jam sandwiches and chocolate milkshakes under the shade of a large oak. Matilda had bought some crochet with her and Hazel was busy fashioning an origami swan. When Matilda looked up, she spotted the plummy red colour of a berry bush and with shouts of delight, the pair rushed over to collect their find. They picked and laughed all afternoon and in the end went home with berry-stained smiles. It was only the next day that Matilda found Hazel had accidentally used her special crochet beanie to carry home her share of the berries and the once-white cap was returned by a sheepish Hazel, now a lovely shade of pink... 
Hazel, who sometimes was a bit of a disaster, also produced her swan..
crumpled and soggy after it went through the wash in her pockets.


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