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A Woodland Christmas Party - Video + Story

"Fa la la la lah, la la la lahhhh!" Hazel cried as she danced around. Her friend, Pixie Pocket smiled. Hazel loved Christmas. It was December 24 and it was time to decorate the tree. Together with Mrs. Tiffin Mouse, Hedgehog, Mr. Plum and Miss Strudel Owl, they had gone hunting for a fine tree. Mr. Plum had a farmer friend who let the merry party search the far corners of his farm for the perfect Christmas tree. It was along the road, where the stream ran, that they found it. Nestled in the shade of larger Pine trees, where the mushrooms grew. A pretty baby Pine, ready to light up the town hall in their little village.

On the day of the decoration, the friends decided they would have a little party to celebrate. While Mr. Plum and Hedgehog hung the lights and untangled the pom-poms, Mrs. Tiffin and Miss Strudel discussed where to put the pinecones. Hazel and Pixie Pocket bought a box full of shiny things, stars and tinsel to hang from the branches. "These stars I picked from the night sky," Hazel announced as she peered into her box. Pixie Pocket gave a little sigh. Hazel often made up stories. "It's true," Hazel protested, guessing her friend's thoughts. "I'm sure it is," Pixie Pocket said kindly. Then, "I've baked some puddings. We can have them tonight when the party starts." Mrs. Tiffin's ears twitched. "I have made some very special cheese souffles," she said sweetly. "I had to bring them with me this morning though, or Mister Mouse would have reduced them to crumbs!" Mister Mouse was a bit of a cheese-a-holic. Miss Strudel shyly informed them all she had made a large apple pie, while Hedgehog had made chocolate brownies and Mr. Plum had bought bottles of ginger beer to share.

Finally, the tree was all ready. "Ooooooooooooooooooh." The six friends breathed in delight as Mr. Plum switched on the lights. "Righto," he said, almost bumping into Pixie Pocket as he joined them. He tried to push his hat out of his eyes, but it quickly sank back down to his nose. "I'd best be off, I'll meet ye back here for the party." He shuffled out of the hall. "Welf," said Hedgehog. "I thinks I will go home and gets the brownies-ez." She turned as she went out the door. "Sees you all soons." Miss Strudel yawned. "I need to catch some winks," she said sleepily. "I'm not normally up this early. I will see you tonight." Mrs. Tiffin muttered something about having to go home and make dinner for her twenty children and Mister Mouse as she left with Miss Strudel. Hazel glanced at Pixie Pocket. "I have the most wonderful dress!" She gushed. "It's red and white, with polka dots!" Pixie Pocket smiled. "Mine is gold and pink," she said. "And I have a little reindeer brooch to wear." Hazel looked impressed. "We shall be the belles of the ball!" she said cheerfully. "Shall we go and get ready? I need at least two hours!"

That night, when the sun had set and the stars twinkled in the sky, six little figures hugged mugs of ginger beer and watched as their tree lit up the tiny hall. Hazel and Pixie Pocket were dressed in their finest, Mr. Plum had brushed his beard, Hedgehog wore a small button brooch, Mrs. Tiffin had put on a red hat and Miss Strudel a new hairbow. Hazel's little record player and Miss Strudel's favourite song Walking in a Winter Wonderland played softly in the background. Soon little heads started to nod and Mrs. Tiffin began to snore. Looking after such a large family was hard work. Hedgehog brushed the crumbs off her shoulders and snuggled into a blanket. Hazel stared dreamily at the stars on the tree, and Pixie Pocket dozed off. Miss Strudel was bright eyed, and therefore the only friend who noticed Mr. Plum quietly change into a red suit and black boots, then slip out of the room. She smiled. She had long suspected his secret. She turned back to the tree. While the other friend's slept, she sat quietly watching the tree they had all decorated together. Somewhere in the starry sky above, Mr. Plum was flying here and there, putting pretty packages under other glittering trees...

From all the woodland creatures, we wish you a Merry Christmas, Wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year!

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Original Story by Megan Price / Dolly Henry
Video Production and Photography by Say! Little Hen
Production and Styling a creative collaboration by Dolly Henry and Say! Little Hen


  1. Thank you both for the most delightful Christmas movie!! I'm adding it to my list of "must-watch-movies-at-Christmas" :) The credits make me smile every time they roll past. Merry Christmas to you all xo

    1. Thank you so much Kellie! I am so happy you loved it! And feel very honoured that Hazel and her friends are now on your must watch list at Christmas :-)

  2. Absolutely delightful story. Thank you Megan! (I watched the gorgeous film on Sarah's blog - so sweet!)

    1. Thank you so much, I am so glad you enjoyed it! Megan xx


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