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2016 Creative Review + Resolutions

I've been waiting all year to do this. I kid you not. 
My 2016 "What I made post" 
It wasn't on my brain all the time.
If it had been, I would have made more!
I'm not competitive at all...except maybe when it comes to craft challenges..
If there is ever an 'X factor' for those with a sewing machine...sign me up!

Sarah at Say! Little Hen is running a fun link-up party for all crafters to share their 2016 makes so here I am joining in! The thing I love about doing this, is just having a good look back at what I accomplished in the year. I'm good at always looking at my 'what I haven't achieved' list so it's actually quite a good exercise to look at what I HAVE actually achieved.

From top left: Chambray and Lace Dress for my shop, the Pixie Noel Blog Hop,
A Gift for a Friend, Owl and Hazel are friends, More Clothing for my shop, My Nana Company Trivet and again, Pixie Noel Blog Hop.

2016 has been a 'get my wheels back on' year, creatively. I've said quite a few times I started this blog and the Dolly Henry shop when I got burnt out with my handmade business. I literally ran out of creativity. Now, at the end of 2016, about 18 months since I collapsed in an exhausted heap and tearily closed the 'handmade business' chapter, I am finally back.

The creativity is in the HOUSE people!

Sorry, couldn't help it!

But I'm crocheting. And making stuff. And patchworking. Never thought I'd say THAT.
And I finished a quilt this year. And started another one this month. I've made a felt mouse. And a felt kitten. I sewed a shirt. And a few dresses. For me. For my shop. In my size and in baby sizes.

I've made dolls, and woodland creatures. And one giant 'project of the year' Princess and the Pea set.
I even published my first pattern.

I was so lucky to participate in several blog hops. That pushed me to create in different, exciting ways. I'm still making and some things here I haven't had a chance to blog about yet. And some things I just can't share because they are special gifts that haven't been given yet. Some special gifts going to special new babies due in 2017. Baby makes are so much fun!

Turns out December has been a creative month and this quiet time between Christmas and New Year has meant rainy days and hot cocoa nights at the sewing machine.

I've even sewn a couple of new outfits for myself that I just haven't gotten to blog or photograph yet.
I've discovered it's dangerous to make clothes that I love - it sends me into my fabric cupboard on a spree. I have a broad palette when it comes to fashion. I am currently envisioning a beautiful, full maxi skirt...among other things...

A few makes yet to be blogged about!

In 2017, I do have ideas. More patterns for one. Because Hazel needs friends.
A quilt for me. More handmade presents to give. Possibly a craft market stall.
And I aim to make lots of clothes. I want to do Me-Made-May for the first time.

I have my creativity back, I feel like some kind of sewing super hero.
With me and my fabric, we will be unstoppable...
(You know, join me and we'll take over the world ya-dah-yah-dah..)

One very special make I was delighted to help bring to life was this beautiful friendship quilt for Lisa of A Spoonful of Sugar. Ali from Arabesque Scissors approached me about making a special quilt for Lisa and I was so excited to be part of this secret project! A whole group of amazing, talented and gorgeous girls got together, from all over Australia, making quilt blocks and sharing them in secret delight on Instagram. Kellie did an absolutely amazing job quilting it and finally it was wrapped up and posted to Lisa! See the blog posts and pictures by Ali, Kellie and Lisa here.

The beginnings of a quilt, a dress I made for me, The Apple Farm Blog Hop,
Gifts and Things for My Shop, and Jasper and Jemima.

Here's to a simply smashing twenty-seventeen people!

Favourite Make of the Year: The Princess & The Pea
Proudest Achievement of the Year: Finishing this Vintage Quilt
Favourite Blog Post: The Tale of Two Friends
Something I learnt this Year: That a Walking Foot is a good idea!


  1. You have made a HEAP of stuff - and it's all so beautiful! It's really amazing.

    Sarah xx

  2. Wow! I'm impressed & amazed you could make the time to sew all those lovely creations. Your reindeer pattern got me--thanks. I've always sewn for myself, my children (they have grandkids now), & my grands, & great-grands. So I understand what effort you're putting forth. Sandy in CA,USA

    1. Thank you Sandy! It's really lovely to make things for family, isn't? Megan x


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