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Meet Jasper and Jemima ~ Handmade Dolls

Say hello to Jasper and Jemima!

They are the best of friends! Together, they eat ice cream, make flower posies and watch the clouds roll by - Jemima is sure that one cloud looks like a dragon but Jasper disagrees - it's most definitely a fishbone! Jemima rescued Jasper from the nearby pet shelter, where she volunteers on weekends. A true lover of all creatures great and small, Jemima loves to walk around bare foot and bicycles to the beach most afternoons. Jasper's favourite outing is when Jemima goes bird watching, though perhaps his reasons are not quite the same as hers!

There hasn't been a lot of time for creating here lately. The past week has been spent getting coats of paint onto the walls and with a mash of furniture, bibs bobs and packing boxes scattered throughout the house, it's no wonder. The bulk of which are residing in my studio, which currently resembles an episode of hoarders...well maybe not quite but that's how I feel...

Still, change is good, even if it disruptive to my creative process. Taking over a months break from Instagram has also been very beneficial. I frequently underestimate the importance of taking a break!

Poor Jemima has been a good month or so in the making, I've picked her up and put her down in doll making spurts...always intending to come back but leaving much longer in between visits than I or she would have liked!

It turns out that WIP's are brilliant for when one's sewing room is buried and you don't have room to spread out a project or even find your fabrics... I picked Jemima up on Saturday and she finally received a set of clothing. A little Liberty peasant top, that due to my determination for it to be removeable, took just as long to make as a child's shirt. I kid you not, I have done both! Jemima from the outset had a sweet, nature girl expression and air about her. Her clothing reflects that. Comfortable and perfect for the nature hikes she likes to take. She seems of the earth loving, free spirited variety so she is barefoot - Jemima did not want shoes. 

Jasper is hand stitched using wool felt, once he was sitting in Jemima's arms, they felt complete. I just love handmade dolls, the way they feel when you hold them - soft, floppy and just so much more alive than their factory produced counterparts. One of the things I also used to love about making dolls for my market stall was creating stories and characters for them..which the customers absolutely loved. 

The stuffing process takes quite a long time, I am constantly amazed at how much small dolls can fit up in their head and neck area..Jemima for some reason or another was such an effort, I felt myself requiring one of those "this took forever" labels to stitch onto her. But still it's my own fault, I can't abide a lumpy wrinkly doll so I persisted.

I think it's fine after dolls have been loved, adored and played with for ten years to start showing the beloved signs of a life well lived. Ask a certain well worn family teddy bear. You simply haven't experienced the love of a child, as a toy, if you are not tatty, tear stained and worn out from lots of adventures, kisses and cuddles. It's the romance of the handmade toy. 

Jemima and Jasper, sitting in the studio while I uploaded the pictures from their photoshoot.
Jemima also wanted me to mention that she was also featured in a very important magazine this month, and requested I share it below. Apparently, only the who's who of the doll world appear in this publication. It seems, we have a celebrity in the midst.

Yes I am well aware how corny my sense of humour has become!

Jemima and Jasper are now waiting in the Dolly Henry Co. etsy store.


  1. O they are adorable! They certainly look inseparable...a real lifelong bond. Great mag as well...I'd buy it in a flash!!

    1. Thank you so much Ali! Just a bit of fun!

  2. I'm delighted to meet you Jemima, oh ... and you too of course Jasper xo

    1. Jemima says hi Kellie! and Jasper thanks you for considering his feline feelings :-)

  3. Jasper sounds like a secret foodie at heart, and well, Jemima is simply adorable! x


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