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Crocheted Grannies, Wool Filled Kittens and Blossom Love

I'm often surprised at how many people will say to me, "you must be so patient!"
This is usually from a non-crafter to (me) a crafter. The truth is though, I am absolutely not. I have very little patience, so I guess it's not a necessary ingredient to being creative, or sewing, or crochet.

Determined is probably a better word, when I think about how long it took me to master the simple act of creating a chain in crochet. A couple of hours, one afternoon. The desire to crochet must have been extraordinary because I vividly remember the process and it wasn't an enjoyable one. Still, once I mastered it, I went on to create a few granny squares and found I really enjoyed having such a portable craft! 

So if you think you can't, then give it a try. And if you think you aren't patient, still give it a try.
My crochet skills are a combination of in person teaching, online tutorials and the last method I've found perfect for instant, easy learning - Youtube of all things!

Since then, my squares have evolved into rather large creations, taking on a life and design of my own. Awhile ago, I did a photo tutorial on my phone, but for one reason or another, I still haven't gotten around to publishing it. I have good intentions!

Spring also seems to be a good time to clear out and finish off a few WIP's or as I prefer to call them, UFO's (un-finished-objects) This sweet little girl has been waiting in the drawer for a bit, until I finished her dress which was largely hand-stitched due to it's small size, and the fact the sewing machine + lightweight Liberty of London + tiny piece of fabric was a bit too stressful and my first attempt resulted in said machine eating said dress. I have since then learned from one older and more experienced than I (Mothers do know best, don't they?) that placing a piece of baking paper under small items (such as dolly clothes) works a treat. (I'll put a quick set of instructables in the foot of the post, for anyone interested.)

I think she shall be called "Miss Martha" - I really enjoyed stitching her as it's all hand work and so a nice change to the machine. I used a good quality 100% felt for her body and filled her with 100% wool stuffing - I really enjoy using wool filling, it's so soft and just well, squishy. I once had to make some dolls for a store requiring all natural fibres (think Waldorf type thing) and though it's a little bit more expensive, I have preferred using the wool over the polyfil ever since. It might just be my own opinion, but I also find wool to be one of the most environmentally friendly fillings to use, as it is shorn off a sheep and I just can't reconcile that plant or recycled fibers wouldn't take an awful lot more processing and possibly chemicals than good old wool! Is it mad to think that maybe one day I could keep a sheep for this very purpose? (any family members reading this would probably hoot at the idea and rightly so, but still a girl can and will dream)

Miss Martha is a happy little kitten! She helped me collect the flowers for her photoshoot - all native to Australia and growing just outside the sewing room. This is the first year the wattle has flowered and my goodness, it is pretty, and I rather enjoyed using it in these photos. It's so cute and pom-pommy. The light purple flower that almost looks a bit like rosemary, we call the butterfly bush, as the creatures just seem to adore it. I will pop Martha's details in the foot of the post, in case you need to make a Martha of your own..

Before I go, I also wanted to share the gorgeous High Tea fabrics that Ange of A Little Patchwork sent me in an impromptu fabric swap we did. It's so pretty, I can't wait to make something using it! I'm thinking it'll have to be paired with some linen, perhaps I should make another one of these, except this time, put the stuff in it to make it usable as an actual trivet!

I've also been playing with a few of the fat quarters from my fabric shop, and wanted to share a special "celebrate Spring!" voucher for you all. Simply use the code 'blossomlove' at checkout to redeem $10 off your order (Order Min. is $50 before discount) This'll expire at the end of September so there is a bit of time for you to make a cart up! If you need any special cuts, please just send me a convo, I am happy to help out a fellow fabric addict *wink*

What have you been making recently?

Joining in for Keep Calm Craft On + Yarn Along

Sewing Tiny Doll Clothing Tip: Cut a piece of baking paper (I use the cheap, non coated stuff in the sewing room) bigger than the pattern piece you are sewing. Placing it under the fabric and seam you are stitching, sew on the machine as usual. The paper should simply tear away afterwards leaving you with a lovely, well sewn seam and allow you to easily sew tiny, fiddly things - like mini shoulder seams and peter pan collars not much bigger than your thumb nail..eeek!

Crochet Squares: I use Patons Cotton Blend, 8ply

Miss Martha: Pattern Available here. I promise you will have trouble choosing just one.

The Dolly Henry Fabric Shop: Use the code BlossomLove to receive $10 off when you spend $50. Offer Ends Sept. 30


  1. Oh, Megan, those crochet squares are so pretty - I love your colour combinations! And Miss Martha is adorable - I've been thinking of making a softie lately - there are so many sweet ones on IG!

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! I know, aren't there so many beautiful softies to make?? :-)

  2. Your Miss Martha came as the freebie with Mollie Makes Issue 67 (she's known as Mimi there though) if anyone wants to get their hands on a kit to make her! I still haven't stitched mine up yet but you've inspired me to get stitching. Ruth x

    1. Oh she was so much fun Ruth! I have made an owl and an elephant from this pattern line too. They are quite simple but look so cute! I can't seem to buy Mollie Makes issues where I live, which is a pity! Nobody seems to stock it :-(

  3. What an absolutely bright and beautiful post! I loooove your granny squares! I've been saying I'd learn how to crochet for year and years, but I've never gotten around to it. Whenever I do learn, it'll be YouTube all the way for me! That's where I turn whenever I encounter a knitting issue!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! I was the same, promised myself I'd learn to crochet and then one day, I finally did! Youtube has been a blessing! Here's just one blog I found really great as a newbie :-)

  4. Martha is absolutely adorable. I think she probably needs a friend ;-)


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