Hey there! My name is Megan and I'm the sewing, pattern making girl behind Dolly Henry. This is my blog, where I share my own creative adventures and hope to meet fellow fabric enthusiasts. I also design and sell sewing patterns through my online boutique, alongside a beautiful collection of clothing and dolls. Thank you for stopping by!


Here & Now 05

Loving //  That I finally finished my first-ever proper quilt!
Eating //  Sourdough Salad Wraps (recipe by Say Little Hen)
Drinking //  A Cup of English Breakfast as I type this
Feeling //  That I have a lot of creative projects in the works right now
Making //  Dolls, Dresses, Quilts and Dishcloths and More...
Wearing //  Layers upon Layers to keep warm...brrrr
Thinking //  It will be good when Summer is here but I will be complaining about the heat before I know it!
Dreaming //  Of new designs and finding some time, somewhere to make some of my work into patterns

Creatively Inspired

What is happening in your Here & Now?
Here & Now is inspired by Sarah of the Say! Little Hen blog. Join in with your blog! Share your Here & Now link over on Sarah's blog :-) Sarah has also introduced the first INSTAGRAM Here & Now Link up this month for those who prefer it! I will be joining in next month when I am back from my self-imposed social media break...see the details here on how to join!


  1. Thank-you so much for joining in again! I'm off to follow some of those links x

  2. Beautiful cheerful colours for a winter quilt project. Congrats! That's a big first to finish!

    1. Thank you Laura! It's been an all seasons project spanning over 12mths but I don't think I would like to quilt a big blanket in'd be a bit hot I think. I'm feeling so happy to have it finished! Megan x

  3. So much "pretty" in your photos. Congratulations for finishing your first quilt.

  4. It felt like an endless Summer where I live last year and I was so glad of some cooler weather. It won't be long though and that heat will return and I'll probably grumble a bit about it too! I absolutely adore embroidery so can't wait to follow that link. Thanks for sharing. Meg:)

    1. Oh Summer this year was very hot and without the relief of the usual rain so I know what you mean!

  5. Lovely post! I finished my first ever quilt recently as well - it's such a satisfying feeling, isn't it? I can't help showing it off to everyone who comes round the house! :) x

    1. It is a very satisfying feeling Kate! I actually enjoyed the process more than I thought too! In fact, I am thinking of starting another, perhaps for myself this time! Megan x


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