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Pixie Noel Blog Hop

Pixie Noel, designed by the talented Tasha Noel, would have to be one of the sweetest holiday collections I have seen for awhile. The gorgeous palette of navy, aqua, pink, white and red makes for a merry splash of colour that is both fresh and modern. With the prints focusing more on a winter wonderland theme, Pixie Noel nods to Christmas while being suited to projects for all year around, featuring gorgeous bunnies, hedgehogs, little birds and chorus girls dancing their way across the fabric.

I was so excited to get my hands on a selection of prints from the line, and knew immediately that fussy cutting was on the cards. The red, white and aqua candy-cane style stripe had binding written all over it, and made me think of happy air-mail greetings and postcards.

One Sunday afternoon, I gathered my 1 1/2 inch hexagon papers and sat down to make little fabric pictures from the prints. I had no plans for them at this stage, but felt like a hexie-making pro as I sat back and admired my efforts. Note here: I have often seen hexagon 'stacks' on Instagram and had wanted to have my own stack for so long, it was actually an achievement in itself to have a large set of coordinating hexies before me. I know, I'm weird. I also love pink and navy together, so cut some plain pink hexies to blend in with the fabrics. The black and white polka dot seems to be my inadvertent signature print as it seems to make it's way into almost everything I make. What can I say? Maybe I have a problem... I really love the aqua floral in the Pixie Noel line, the flowers are similar, if not actually Poinsettia's, a Christmas favourite.

I took more of a Winter Wonderland view of these prints than a Christmas one. Mostly because snow is non-existent in Australia in December, and the fabrics are so pretty, I think it'd be a pity to only see them once a year when the Christmas decor is pulled out! The snowy blenders were a nice addition to mix in among the prints. The main fabric features the aforementioned chorus girls, elves and sweet creatures but my absolute favourite is the little girl petting the hedgehog - which is wearing a hairbow!! - and that's saying something seeing as there is also a sweet deer up for consideration! Needless to say, I cut two hedgies and two deer out of the hexies.

Now we come to Miss Bunny. Yes I am sorry to say I haven't at this stage got a more imaginative name than that, so Miss Bunny it is! If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. (is that a pun?) Anyway, Miss Bunny was contrived and inspired by the darling pink bunny print in the collection - they are so sweet! It's probably my favourite now I come to think of it. Is that fickle of me after declaring my undying love for the hedgehog and her hair-bow? I coined the term 'fabric flirt' awhile ago and I think I must be one. I should start a club - Fabric Flirt's Anonymous...not that I am anonymous now..oops!

Okay back to the point - I am highly distractable when talking about fabric. (I know that's not a word but it should be!) Miss Bunny. She is a sweet pixie-bunny doll, and she just loves fabric too. In fact she could be the first member of my aforementioned club. We must make badges! She is similar to her friend Hazel, only a bit smaller and she has two faces. No, I'm not suggesting she is two-faced, it's just with her head on the side, it's like she has two. Hazel doesn't, because she's wearing a bonnet. I drew Miss Bunny up completely from scratch but somehow she looks like a rabbity, smaller version of Hazel which just goes to show... all my children look alike. Miss Bunny is white like the cute bunnies on the fabric and her nose is actually coloured pink but my camera didn't feel like communicating that small detail when I took these, so you'll have to take this fabric flirt's word for it.

Her floppy ears are lined with the bunny print, to match her pink cheeks, and her tummy was fussy cut to show off another little picture from the adorable main print. Her legs are in the stripey fabric and reminiscent of candy-canes.... they had a cheeky sneak peek on Instagram a little while ago. They've since donned pom-poms on the tops and are looking decidedly elvish!

I intend to pattern Miss Bunny when I find a spare moment between flirting with all my fabric.
Her skirt is tutu-esque and her matching peasant top and hair ribbon complete the ensemble.

And what became the hexies I hear you ask? Well they were supposed to be a quilt for Miss Bunny but they rebelled and became a bigger, mini quilt. My very first mini-quilt in fact. I had to use that stripe for a binding, it being so air-mail-y and everything. So it kind of just 'grew'. First the hexies were stitched onto the linen-y fabric (it's not linen, hence the 'y') My arm got tired of sewing after joining them together by hand so I lined up the rows and meticulously stitched them down with the aid of many many pins and probably the funny facial expression required when sewing something so...well fussy. But I did it, and felt rather happy with the result. I backed the top with the gorgeous main print, and decided it needed to hang up so created loops for it to do so. Little details are also important so I wobbly stitched around the hexies with a nice dark brown DMC embroidery thread and put some kisses on the solid pink hexies. Every project needs a label so on went the mandatory cotton linen tape written in french that I have no idea what it says. Has anyone googled that? I hope it's suitable for little bunny's ears - you can never trust these french ribbons. I just googled it - Mon Seul Tresor - My Only Treasure. It's not actually my only treasure but it doesn't need to know that...

The binding was perfect as I imagined. The fabric for it I mean. This was the first time I have ever bound something so the actual job I did needs a bit of perfecting in itself but I am quite happy with my first attempt. I am in perfectionist rehabilitation - learn to accept little errors as part of the journey, don't obsess over them until all the joy creating the project has been sucked out. So I did a pretty okay job. I will probably follow a few tutorials a bit more closely next time but that's the fun thing about's a bit of a challenge and bet with myself to see if I can do it a smidgen better the next time around.

I chose a small stick / branch / tree limb for the hanging rod. I hunted around in the paddock, under some gum trees for it. I didn't have any dowelling and somehow using what nature had unceremoniously dropped seemed like a nice idea. A nod to the environment there and using something I already had on hand. You'd be surprised how picky you can get over what a stick looks like though. I tossed aside several rejects before choosing this one. The other candidates probably made it into the wood-stove to make a nice fire while I stitched. Sparkling baking twine affixed to the ends provided a nice hanger.

I congratulate you now, if you have made it to the end of this wordy post! I had so much fun working with this delicious fabrics. Pixie Noel is designed by Tasha Noel for Riley Blake. See their website for stockists. Next on the hop are Heather from Vintage Grey Handmade and Amanda from Jedi Craft Girl.


  1. Very sweet Megan, you've done a lovely job of it all! x

  2. It's such a pleasure to make your acquaintance Miss Bunny! Your quilt is the sweetest Megan, love the teeny kisses on the hanging loops xx

    1. Thank you Kellie! Miss Bunny says hi!

  3. Megan, these hexies are adorable! I love your long posts - it reads like I'm sure you talk IRL. I love that candy cane stripe too - makes a perfect binding (insert lots of pink hearts right here). Keep creating - it's all so pretty!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you so much! I talk a bit like this in real life, but I probably do go more overboard in my blog posts because I can haha! Megan x


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