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The Tale of Two Friends

Meet Hazel Deer. Her real name is Doris, but when she grew up, Hazel decided that Doris was far too sensible a name for her adventurous spirit, so she did what any good Deer would do in that situation: she changed it. Hazel is a jolly good sort, and she has so many friends that she spends most of her year nomadic - flying here and there in her aeroplane (yes she is a pilot!) to see her chums around the globe. Hazel also loves ballet, and can pull off a pretty good chocolate cake for afternoon tea. Hazel's motto is "reach for the moon and you'll land among the stars" She's been promising Owl a visit for quite awhile now, and this week she showed up, tin of cake in hand and with a few crafty projects to share!

Owl was so excited to see her friend! Hazel bought a crate of presents for Owl, which included two pinecones for Owl's nature display, a book and a length of fine lace.

After morning tea, Owl and Hazel settled in for some crochet. Hazel expertly hooked the yarn in and out, making the most wonderful granny square, while Owl kept tabs on the wayward ball of yarn.
Hazel plans to make a warm winter blanket with her squares, and Owl wants a new scarf. (Owl thinks Hazel is kind of cool, with her jet-setting lifestyle and latest fashions, so she tries to appear trendy...)

Later in the day, Owl and Hazel took a walk in the woods, remembering their childhood days spent picking berries and playing hide-and-seek in the forest. When they were walking home, they discovered a nest that had been knocked down, lined with soft feathers and pretty flowers. Hazel decided they should take the nest home, and that Owl should place an advertisement in the paper in-case someone had lost it. Hazel has twenty nieces and nephews so she feels knowledgeable about such things. Owl thinks Hazel is very clever so once she has put on a pot of tea, she telephones the paper.

Owl also has lots of pretty clothes to show Hazel, some of them she made her self! She hopes her friend is impressed with her efforts and Hazel is quite complimentary. Owl being the good sort she is, offers to give Hazel one of her dresses, which Hazel thinks is rather jolly of her friend! In return, Hazel helps Owl with her weekly washing - they tote it down to the brook in Owls back garden and then hang it on a nearby vine to dry in the warm sunshine.

Owl and Hazel have Pecan Pie for supper and work together on a quilt block. Owl suggests they see if it is the right size yet. Hazel doesn't think it will be, but she humours Owl. Altogether, the forest friends have had a rather splendid visit and can't wait to go on a picnic with Owl's other friends tomorrow.


  1. I am all of 63 years old and I enjoyed that story so much and am in fact a wee envious of their splendid lives! And their clothes are adorable!

    1. Hi Karen! Thank you so much, your sweet words made my day! Megan x

  2. Will Owl be sharing her recipe for pecan pie?
    I believe it's quite superior xo

    1. Hi Kellie! Quite possibly, maybe in the near future ;-)

  3. Very cute! Love the imagination at work and lovely little story/pics.

    I couldn't help but notice that Owl and Hazel are into the pecan pie as well (in lieu of supper no my!). It's a pie craving conspiracy. ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Yes they are into the Pie too! It definitely seems like more than a coincidence...maybe you need to make a pie? ;-) Megan x

  4. Love this so much! You make more so that we can enjoy more stories x


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