Hey there! My name is Megan and I'm the sewing, pattern making girl behind Dolly Henry. This is my blog, where I share my own creative adventures and hope to meet fellow fabric enthusiasts. I also design and sell sewing patterns through my online boutique, alongside a beautiful collection of clothing and dolls. Thank you for stopping by!


Here & Now 03

Loving //  The warm winter sun and crisp blue skies
Eating //  Pecan Pie - yum!
Drinking //  Hot Milk Cocoas 
Feeling //  That Life is Quite Full (on!)
Making //  Patterns of my granny square & deer applique
Wearing //  Winter Woollies!
Thinking //  That June snuck in when I wasn't looking and ate May
Dreaming //  Up lots of new ideas

Creatively Inspired

What is happening in your Here & Now?
Here & Now is inspired by Sarah of the Say! Little Hen blog. Join in with your blog! Share your Here & Now link over on Sarah's blog :-)


  1. Megan!!!! Between you and Sarah I am now absolutely craving pecan pie. I may need to do some baking. :) Here & Now might get quite dangerous for my winter waistline. Hehehe....

    Love the photo in this post. So cheerful.

    1. Oh dear! I am sorry ;-) But Pecan Pies are rather is worth it :-)

  2. Pecan pie is catching by the sounds of it! I must say I have had that full on feeling too...
    Kate x

    1. Hi Kate! Thank you for your sweet note :-) Hope your full on feeling fades soon x Megan


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