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A Pretty Little Quilt Block

I'm working on some secret sewing at the moment, and this block just happens to be one of the latest additions to that category. When I started making it I had a "I have no idea what I am doing" thing going on in my head, as I grabbed random fabric scraps from my secret, carefully hoarded stash of precious fabrics that I am likely to go all Gollum on if I find someone has been in it....just kidding...sort of.

Luckily, it remains undisturbed most of the time, in an unpretentious A4 document box labelled "Japanese Fabric Scraps" which I think is clever because the fabric fairies will never think to look'd be too obvious!

Anyway, banter, bobbins and general silliness aside, this secret quilt block (that is kind of not secret any more!) is for a very special, very secret purpose (cue mystical *all will be revealed in due time - oooooooh!*) so naturally, I should use some of my very precious personal collection in the making of it.

I am such a quilt block making novice so I hope I am not getting too far ahead of myself when I say I actually love this block....(how dare she!?) Hah! Yes I do. I think it's because I was liberal with all the things I love, gingham, pink, polka dots, linen, tiny florals and dashes of hand-stitchy style! Not to mention hexagons... I love hexagons. I designed it as I went, which would possibly sound terribly clever if I didn't tell you, it was easier to do that than to try and convert an existing pattern to the block size I needed. Math and I.....well let's just say, we have a love/hate relationship. We are on civil terms but if I can avoid sitting down with him, I will.

Still the block with all my favourite fabrics in it (including Cath Kidston & a sweet Japanese linen print featuring gorgeous little creatures!) mashed up into a hodge-podge design came off quite well. Like Henry, it is an example of a good looking little mix!

Henry, the Jack Russell x Shih Tzu x 2 parts adorable mix

While I was at it, I also made this cute patch! I just love this Strawberry Scallop print paired with the linen and the polka dots in the quilt block, so I followed the design/colours/prints through into the patch, stitching my name using a double threaded needle of ordinary cotton, which worked quite well! I really loved using the black and white polka dots, I feel they add a modern splash to any project while remaining neutral without being plain white - it's actually surprising how much this print brightens up other prints when paired with different fabrics....

Lastly, I will add, for some strange reason this quilt block reminds me of Strawberry Milkshakes...I have no idea why, especially as I always preferred chocolate. But Strawberry Milkshake sounds sweet and yummy, like this block. So that's what I have called it!

Until the mystery can be revealed....

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