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Why I Needed A Schedule

The winds of change have swept abruptly into our lives, tipping some things upside down and shaking out the cobwebs. Change is good, but it also can be a little disruptive and unpredictable. I've been wondering a bit aimlessly this week, feeling a bit adrift with the whirlwind of it all. I opened my clothing store on Etsy a little over a week ago, did over the fabric website and have had little time for creativity. Add to the list the busy and at times, unrelenting, hum of life and it's no wonder I am feeling a little scatter brained.

Without meaning to, I have slipped back into my wild, unscheduled ways that I lived before I bought this guide, and have found it an accidental experiment. I used to think schedules were for those organised types. The people who seemed to go through life with grace. The kind whose hair wasn't even disturbed by a sudden gust of wind. Not for people like me, where when the wind blows my hair would fly around and stick to my lip gloss, and whenever I have a cup of tea, I am flat out keeping the cup level while I carry it from the kitchen to the table. I was wrong.

The schedule became my savior, my guiding light, beaming brightly in the darkness. When the day went pear shaped, and I was too tired to contemplate what needed doing, I just turned onto auto pilot and followed the schedule I had written out. It stopped all procrastination and saved me from wasting time trying to gather my thoughts as to what task I should tackle. When you have a lot on your plate, you will understand that some days, the sheer amount of possibility is enough to paralyze the habitual procrastinator into spending an hour or more considering just what to do. What was the most important?

So, it turns out there is only twenty four hours in a day. Shocking I know. What a startling revelation to myself and humankind. Once I found this out, I stopped trying to cram too much into my day - the too much that in reality needed thirty six hours to accomplish. Time constraints have turned out to be a rather wonderful thing, when you re-frame them and make lack of time a positive.

I only had a very small amount of time to get some sewing done, so instead of worrying about exactly what to do, I just got on with things. I'm talking about making for my shop here. I do not have these issues with "selfish sewing" as it is called. On that day, I didn't feel like making but knew I had to make a start if I wanted to stock the shop. So I just cut out a few dresses instead. Once I started, the funny thing was, it gave me the momentum to continue and I was actually more productive! Who would have known?

I had scheduled on my big piece of paper I have the nerve to call a weekly planner a "maker day" - a day where I just get to make, turning off the ping and bing of the devices and just indulging in sewing. I knew that the next day I would get to my emails and what not so it isn't as if anybody would have to wait more than twenty four hours for my response...or an instagram post.

It turns out it's disruptive to the brain as well, to have to stop and start, so batching my activities has been a much better way of working. Taking out the worry time and the excess social media activities meant I could focus on my tasks at hand and I got a lot more accomplished. Instagram and emails are wonderful, convenient inventions but they can be a little hoggy on my time if I let them. I liken checking emails too often to running in and out to the post box all day........slightly crazy when thought of in that light.

Anyway, the whirlwind of this week has proven to me that my schedule was working and is more necessary than ever, when life gets bumpy. I promise to reign in my disorganized ways and return to my schedule after this weekend. After all, just because I took a little detour doesn't mean I can't hop back onto the guided trail, does it?

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