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Sweetly Stitched Trivet

I was so excited when I finally got a copy of Sweetly Stitched Handmades. It had been on my wish list for ages and when I decided to treat myself, I already pretty much knew what I wanted to make. That gorgeous trivet that I had seen circulating on Instagram. I love Amy's style, and the book is just full of lovely, sweet makes.

It would be impossible for me to put even so much as a teapot on such a trivet, so I decided to add a ribbon to mine and make it a little wall hanging. My trivet is by no means technically perfect, and some of the circles and stitches are a bit wobbly but given that it makes me smile just seeing it on the wall makes it perfect in my eyes. I enjoyed making it and my favourite part was being able to choose so many different fabrics for one little project. Even as I 'auditioned' fabrics from my carefully hoarded special scraps box, I decide this was the project for displaying favourite fabrics. I can even imagine a bigger one, with stitched fabric names underneath.

Not having done a lot of applique, I was confused as to why the trivet in the picture showed only the decorative outside stitches on the back, and not the stitches that attached the circles to the trivet. My first circle I stitched on going through the layers and pulled a face at the stitches on the back. Mother's know best they say, so I showed my trivet to my Mum, explaining my dilemma. There was no written instruction in the book indicating this technique and clearly, I just didn't have my thinking cap on because once she pointed out I could go through just the top layer, thus slip stitching the circles on that I had a bit of a 'duh' moment going on mentally.

I was going to unpick my first circle so the stitches weren't showing through on the back, but after finishing it and being aware of my little trivets various shortcomings, I decided not to worry about it. The back faces the wall so it's not of importance. It should be noted here that it takes a lot for me to battle my inner perfectionist but the fact it just made me so darn happy to look at helped. I can always make another and further improve my skills.

I have chosen pretty pinks from the Dolly Henry subscriber bundle for my next one, that I will make in the distant future. I think using linen for the backing with it's rustic textural feel and the obvious hand stitching make this a pretty forgiving project for beginners. I have plans to make more from this gorgeous book, the little house hanging being one.

I got my copy of Sweetly Stitched Handmades from The Book Depository - shipping is free worldwide and delivery is fairly fast.

Have you got this book? Which project is your favourite?


  1. Too too gorgeous :) just loving your interpretation of this pretty project!

  2. This just says shabby chic all over to me! Totally sweet, and your pics are just lovely xx


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