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Amigurumi Apple

Since I first started crochet, I have wanted to try my hand at Amigurumi. There are so many cute patterns available, and I started with this little apple by Down Grapevine Lane. I added crocheted cheeks to mine and I am rather pleased with how cute and easy the project was to make! Having never made anything Amigurumi before, I first downloaded this pattern awhile back but at the time had no idea how to do a magic circle, a technique required in all Amigurumi so that the starting circle can be pulled closed and doesn't have that hole in the middle for stuffing to escape. I tried asking a few crochet pros and read a few blogs and books, but I just couldn't grasp the concept. Then a friend, who is self-taught via Youtube suggested trying a video. I am so glad she did because within seconds, I had watched this quick video and I was magic circling!

The other day when I was spring cleaning, I came across the pattern that I had printed and stashed and eyeing my crochet hook and pile of nearby yarn, I made a date with the apple pattern that afternoon. There were a few stitches such as increasing and decreasing that I had no knowledge of but with my friend google and Youtube, they weren't exactly big obstacles! In case anyone is interested, here is a great link with videos that I found!

I did in part have an ulterior motive when making this apple - and that was to see if I got along with Amigurumi because I really want to get the Sweet Crochet (Tendre Crochet) book and make that pear...and the other cute things hiding within it's pages!

Have you made any sweet Amigurumi toys or cute fruit? Share your favourite patterns!

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