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How I Get It All Done As A Business Of One

A few people in the crafty community seemed to have been under the weather lately, and I've not been immune to a dose of 'under the weather-itis' myself. I'm not sure what brought on everybody else's ills but mine has been mainly due to stress. It's been a whirlwind of a year and juggling a new little business all by myself has been a challenge. I have loved being part of the crafty community, which has welcomed me with open arms and met some amazing, amazing ladies. Thank goodness for the internet because home based business and sharing the passion of sewing would have me well, a bit isolated and not sharing the passion of sewing because I just don't know anyone nearby who will revel in the delights of fabric, seams and bobbins with me.

 The sewing room has been in a state of disorder with my state of health disorder, and at times I admit I have felt like a yarn ball that is slowly unravelling...with no idea how to stop the process. But something wonderful happened. Or at least I made the choice to make it happen. I decided to spend a little bit on myself and my business. I found the Business Bakery website about a year ago now. Can I just say that I just *love* Julia and all the wonderful stuff she puts out there for women in small business. Plus, her website is so cute! A few years have been spent with me trawling the internet, reading, reading, reading, countless articles deliberately aimed at creative and handmade business. Absolutely none of them worked for me and admittedly had me chasing my own tail at times.

I mean, when you are a girl, most of us have so many things to do in a day, right? You've got family, you've got appointments, you've got housework and meal preparation (which is a full time job in itself!), shopping....I'll stop now because I'm getting a headache just thinking about it all. Life is full on and if you couple that with trying to make a little business happen, it's no wonder it has taken a toll on my health at times. So the *wonderful thing that happened?* Julia popped up a video course the other week and it was called "How to Get it All Done When You are a Business Of One" I never really invest in myself so my mouse did hover and hesitate but I bit the bullet and decided I would give this a go - the title seemed perfect for me and I was in dire need of organization.

I'm a major procrastinator and perfectionist - it'll stop me from getting things achieved in a day sometimes because I can get so anxious about getting it right. I know a few creatives will relate to this. To anyone else, it sounds batty! It's also easy to get so overwhelmed with tasks some days - running a business takes A LOT of work and when things go wrong in the household or the washing machine is beeping, and there are dishes in the sink it doesn't take long for everything to head south. I'm committed to doing a good job, so I never once allowed my customers so suffer or the business front to show the strain, so the workload and pressure inevitably ended up piled up on me and those closest to me. Which doesn't work out too well in the long term, I can tell you now. I've been fairly unwell with the stress of it and having no idea how to get it all sorted so work and life are running like a well oiled machine. I've decided to write honestly because I am certain I am not the only person feeling this.

So in case you are wondering, the videos are brilliant. They've been so much easier to slot into my day than written material and my high stress levels are already on the decline. They run like a podcast so I don't *have* to watch them if I don't want to, they can play in the background while I'm doing things like ironing or tidying. A couple of the videos that I really wanted to absorb, I re-watched with my planner pad and a cup of tea, lecture style. I've really enjoyed spending some time doing some business education. It's been a bit of a realization recently that there are other things I should *treat* myself on other than fabric or a bar of chocolate. Making sure I do things for my physical health and for my own sanity are so so important. I'd class this video course as one of them. The past three days have seen me achieve more than I can in some weeks. I think Julia's experience in finance, coupled with small business and being a busy Mum of four make her so perfect for helping other women. The way she teaches is so effective and easy to implement. Her gentle and positive approach also makes me feel like flying to Sydney just to have a cup of tea with her!

I'm about halfway through the videos, so far I have found the procrastination and perfection videos just an absolute Godsend and the Quitting parts - ah terrific! I have 'quit' my facebook business page as a result. Sounds crazy but it's totally the right thing for me to do! I can't wait to see the changes this video course is going to have in the longer term for me and my business. I'd recommend it to anyone actually struggling with time management in their day - whether you have a business, small business, hobby business or just want to balance your sewing and blog/instagram a bit more around your work and family. It's so perfect for women. We are all creative in different areas and all have little hopes, dreams and inspirations. Julia's videos have helped me realize I don't *have* to give up on mine, I can work with what I have and make them a reality!

*Update* Julia is aware I am a bit of a fan-girl (I guess it becomes obvious after three or four "this course is so great - thank you!" emails?) and has kindly offered me a special code that I can share with all my friends, and well, you lovely people! The course is $99, which is basically a steal for the hours of amazing life changing content I got! BUT (and it's a good but!) you can get $10 off when you use my special code (can one consider it an honour to have a code named after oneself?) Pop this code: yaymepr to make the course magically $89! Are you a keen bean?

PS. I also have some other exciting news but that can wait until another day!

This post became 'sponsored' but all the thoughts and views expressed are totally m-i-n-e. Thank you so much for reading xoxo


  1. Oh, I can so relate! thank you for the video link and the discount code!!

    1. Hi Stacy! You're welcome - it's a great guide. I have already listened to some of the videos over again, the sections that I wanted to absorb more. I can see I am going to get a lot of use out of them, when I need a reminder or a refresher! Megan x


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