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TeaTime Chat With: Ally Sews

I have met some amazing people since starting my crafting journey. The crafty and quilty community on Instagram is such a lovely bunch of like-minded people coming together from across the globe, sharing, supporting and encouraging each other in both their creative endeavours and life in general. It really is a privilege to get to know these talented makers and be part of such a thriving, positive environment.
The Teatime Chat series is about getting to know some of these wonderful ladies just a little bit better, and also share their beautiful work and stories with you. We might be miles apart but I’d like to think of this as a way to have a neighbourly cup of tea and chat, as if it was a simple walk down the block, a tray of freshly baked cookies and basket of craft in hand.

This week I am chatting with the talented Alexandra of Ally Sews.

Megan x

Hi Ally! Thank you so much for coming on the blog! You design and make the most gorgeous doll clothing I have ever seen ~ can you tell me when and why you first started your creative business?

Hello! Thank you for having me :) I started my business a year ago, I love making doll clothes and sewing. I knew about Etsy, and decided to open a shop!

Your designs and colour combinations are so gorgeous and vibrant. I particularly loved the
watermelon and owl dresses that you made for the American Girl dolls! Where do you get your 

Kids and baby clothing is what inspires me the most. I search through magazines, pinterest etc. for kids clothing and try to make doll versions of things, I like little girl style doll clothing. :)

Describe a typical day at work for you. What do you love most about your job?

A typical day at work would be sewing, getting through orders etc. while trying not to get too distracted by Instagram. ;) My product being *mostly* for kids is one of the things I love most because when I was little I would have loved having more clothes for my dolls so it makes me happy, to be able to do that for other people.

You were fairly busy at Christmas time with lots of custom orders there must have been barbie Christmas dresses winging their way all over the globe what is the most interesting custom order request you have had?

I had requests for a doll wedding gown, cheerleading outfit, movie character outfits, I have very imaginative customers haha!

You create clothing for so many different brands of doll. Do you have a favourite and why?

American Girl is my favorite but Barbie is a close second. AG dolls are the most versatile, the options are endless clothes-wise while it can be harder to make a big variety of things for Barbie since she's tiny and taking ideas + turning them into something that fits can be harder. 

A little bird tells me you have a big wholesale order in the works..can you tell us a little bit about that?

Yes! I'm working through a wholesale doll clothing order for Lammily, a US doll company. I am a huge fan of the doll so it was so cool to be contacted and they'll eventually have my fashions on their website later in the year! 

When you arent busy making for Ally Sews, what creative projects do you or would you like to work on for yourself? 

I joined a birthday swap this year where I have to sew something each month for someone and that's been fun. It's sort of weird switching between little hand held doll projects and then making a tote bag and being like 'what I do with all this fabric!!??' Lol! I'm slooowly making hexies too because yours inspired me, I probably won't get around to doing anything with them because I CANNOT hand sew anything for more than 5 minutes but they're fun to look at ;) lol!!

Crafty Disaster. Spill the beans! What has been your biggest or funniest creative catastrophe?

Let's be serious, too many to count! ;) One time I was making a dress, and it took forever, I loved the fabric and then I just...held my iron on the top of it for too long and the fabric burned :( sad day.

Do you have any creative aspirations for 2016 for either your business or personally? What would you like to achieve?

I want to sew as much as possible, learn new things and new skills. Work towards becoming better at sewing. Also it is my goal to crochet or knit one thing this year. We'll see. ;)

What would have to be your proudest crafting achievement? The kind that makes you want to shout it from the roof tops!

Sewing 50 of the same thing without sewing-scissor-self-harm! Haha!

With so many beautiful fabrics to work with, it must be hard deciding which pieces to use. Do you have a favourite fabric designer or print style that you will never get tired of working with?

I love April Rhodes and every fabric she designs. I love polka dots too. I swear at least 25% of my stash is different colors/sizes of polka dots. 

And finally – your dream creative space! What would your ideal sewing studio look like?

A very big room with a walk-in closet of fabric, or maybe just a whole other room filled with fabric (hehe). Well lit, each machine would have it's own table and colorful decor of course. 

I hope you enjoyed reading!  You can find Alexandra on Instagram under @allysews
Or visit her gorgeous shop online - 

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