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Summer Marches On

It was interesting when I posted about my thoughts on a social media detox. I was a little hesitant to publish something that really is very much a personal opinion but I was surprised with the number of people who it resonated with.

I know I said that I couldn't take a good week or so break from it all due to having an online business, but a week or two ago I was feeling so scatter brained and a bit under the pressure of it all, that I made a spontaneous decision to have some time off. The realization hit me that I hadn't had proper time off for months.The minute I made the decision to turn off for a week or so, I felt like a weight was lifted off me and instantly calmer. I un-installed the social media apps off my phone because I knew I'd end up taking a peek otherwise and let my iPad run flat (not on purpose)

I am learning to recognize the signs that I need to slow down and chill out faster, and getting a bit more balance in between life online and life offline is a scale I have to keep adjusting. Summer has been so hot this year, I haven't fit in as much creating as I normally would have liked.

Still, summer has it's delights, like frozen mango softened and then blitzed a little with the blender to make a quick, delicious snack that cools one down instantly. The sticky, sweet mango I picked from our own trees here on the farm. Cups of tea, if had at all, are drunk only in the early and late hours of the day.

I got over my completely ridiculous creative block of sewing my own clothing and drafted up (and made with almost no unpicking!) a floral pinafore the other day for the fun of it ~ it's been worn three times already so I think that's what I'd call a success!

I had a fun time in the golden hours of the evening, in the paddock playing with the sweet calves and getting over my phobia-like fear of the camera with my sister in an impulsive photo session. Oddly enough, it must have been relaxing because I had headed up the hill with a bit of a sore throat and the sniffles, and by the time we returned, I was feeling a good deal chirpier.

Now I'm back, feeling refreshed, full of new ideas after a short break from the buzz of the online world and very much looking forward to Autumn - if only the weather will catch up with it's seasonal title and grace us with the soothing cool winds of change.

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