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Secret Sewing + Vintage Button Cards

Image by Elea Lutz - amazing vintage button cards, available as a FREE Printable on Elea's blog! Click here to get yours!

It's been so long since I have had the joy of receiving a personal fabric bundle - one for me, not for my shop. Starting a business requires all sorts of discipline, one in particular has been having to put myself on a fabric diet for a fairly boring reason - a budget. What is she talking about? She has a fabric shop! I know what you're thinking, it sounds crazy. In my fabric-less self pity I liken myself to a person being on a diet while having to contend with the temptations of working in a French patisserie every day. Ha!

 I haven't touched my shelves so you will understand one of the reasons I was so SO excited when I received this delicious little bundle of Strawberry Biscuit samples from Riley Blake yesterday. I have to earn my keep though and I am in the process of enjoying planning a little secret squirrel sewing  - it's a little project I am super excited about because I get super excited about anything to do with fabric and sewing, but also because I think Elea Lutz and I must be kindred spirits, her fabric and designs, even her blog and website is just so cute and so the style I love....*sigh*

While I am in the middle of making my plans, I will point out something I feel it would be a disservice to the sewing-button loving community if I didn't...........Elea has designed some superbly sweet little button display cards for you to keep your collection on AND they are available, as I type, on her blog as a FREE download.

You are most welcome...if you are still here...though I do suspect you might have run off to get your button cards...

Megan xx


  1. What a lovely bundle - and lovely to have something for yourself for once! Whatever you make will be gorgeous I'm sure x

    1. Thank you so much Ali - I am really looking forward to it! :-)

  2. Good morning, �� Happy St.Patricks Day to you �� I was just yesterday on Elea Lutz website and blog looking at those button cards and everything else including her Nostalgia line! Didn't realize she's right "next door" to me in Arizona! I often wondered how you did it with all that luscious fabric right in your own shop! Thanks for sharing your secret and I'm so happy for you that you get to " indulge" with your Strawberry Biscuit! And those button cards! Swoon....��

    1. Oh I LOVE her Nostalgia line! Everything Elea does is amazing...!


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