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January Makes + Thoughts on a Social Media Detox

It seems to me that January has been whisked off beneath my very nose, because as I type with my afternoon cup of tea, I am well aware that it is indeed the third day of the second month...yes folks, it is February! That explains why the supermarket was so much quieter and there are Easter eggs on the shelves (please note; I think it is too early for that)

The world is returning to pre-Christmas, pre-holiday, pre-New Year and even pre-Australia day normalcy. February is the month we finally shake off the confetti, put away the party plates and settle into 2016.

It's been too hot to get a lot of making done, but I got more than I thought achieved in that fast paced little month. The summer in North Queensland makes it impossible to be super-productive, it's an effort to keep cool most of the time. Still, I did manage to make my first-ever pieced quilt blocks and get work done on both my crochet blanket squares and the birthday quilt - January was surprisingly blankety.

I consider taking the time to give the sewing room the once over an achievement in itself - and while I was at it, I took the time to have a digital tidy up too. My e-mail boxes were a bit out of control and
I felt the need for a social media clean up too.

It might seem funny, but it is such a huge part of everyday life now, especially when one runs a business. I don't know - I just needed to simply my facebook and instagram feeds down to things that truly made me happy when I saw them and removed all else.

It was a bit of social media detox if you will.

I'm always up for experiments so I cleaned and de-cluttered down to the bare minimum. I have favourites I will continue to visit that I am not automatically following. Social media serves a different purpose for everyone, and for me on a personal level, I like it as a positive motivation, so I have narrowed down my lists to being very like-minded to me.

The weird thing is, it took another business's post on the matter to get me into action. Quite often, I think we forget that we are the owner's of our own profiles, are the person that is on the receiving end of our own newsfeed, are the one that digests everything we see and are entitled to remove anything that doesn't enhance our lives and hearts in a positive way - and that will differ for everyone. Some people I know feel uneasy seeing perfect homes, rooms and decor on a repeated daily basis. They probably wouldn't purchase Home Beautiful magazines all the time either. There's nothing wrong with that, we are all wired differently after all.

Facebook pages and Instagram profiles are like blogs in many ways, some I stayed subscribed to, and some I will pop in and out of - like a treat magazine! It has freed up my mental space more, made my feed less interesting and therefore, less distracting and dare I say it, less of comparing myself to others, which at times can happen. And by less interesting, I mean that there aren't a lot of new posts all day, so I don't fall down the 'rabbit hole' - one pretty picture after another can do that to a girl.

I'd love to set aside a week or two of a complete break because I find when I do it for a day or so, it just clears my head a bit and allows me to do other things - like more crafting! I can't however leave my business for that long, so a weekend will do the trick. For me, it's a recalibration - sets my brain onto other matters, allows me to focus on what I truly want to achieve and can make it easier to wind down at night.

It may not have been a New Year's resolution, just a little personal experiment but I feel better for it and that's what matters.

Have you ever taken a Social Media break or detox?

Megan xx

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