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Vintage Quilt Top in Progress

Earlier this year, I started learning to quilt and decided my first project would be a gift for my sister's birthday. It'll probably be for next year now, considering her birthday has well and truly been and gone, but in some ways that's better because I have been able to consult her whenever I've added new fabrics and when I laid the blocks out earlier this week to arrange the colours.

It didn't occur to me that, when I chose to do a simple square design, a random-no-plan-no-pattern thing can be a little harder than a more organized have-set-of-instructions thing. Especially when it came to the block arrangement.

One afternoon I decided to bite the bullet, and laid the blocks out on the bed, I could see I needed to make it a bit bigger so perhaps lazily decided to just cut some big squares the same size as the smaller patched pieces. I chose a remnant cherry fabric that my sister loves and put it in. It actually looked really good and the bigger square of solid print only added to the random look - total fluke really. I chose another three prints to add as big squares - her favourite Yuwa Print, my favourite Flower Sugar print and everyone's favourite bike ride print from Tasha Noel's Vintage Market collection.

It looked pretty good just laid out without thought but I needed to arrange the colours better. Halfway through this I realized it was harder than it looked, to make sure all the prints and colours were evenly distributed and it looked random enough. The blocks were put together from a 10 inch stacker of Elea Lutz's Milk, Flower, Sugar collection. (my sister, bless her cotton socks, thought I'd pinking sheared all the squares too. Umm, no, they come like that lol.)  I cut each square into four and blended with some linen to create my blocks. Yes...not a lot of forward planning there.

That's why I was so surprised at how amazing it looked after I spent a few hours procrastinating and rearranging pieces. I said on instagram that I wanted a vintage, gypsy caravan, rocking chair and verandah, apple pie, hanging on the washing line look and I feel like I have achieved it. My kindred spirits know what I mean by that ridiculously long sentence.

I've just started sewing the pieces together so above is a glimpse of my progress. It was all lovely and pressed but moving a bundle of fabric around results in a few crinkles. Nothing a good iron won't fix.

I must say I am quite enjoying the whole process now I have actually begun! To which I guess you'll say 'well why wouldn't you enjoy it?' Well, I'm just surprised that at how much fun making a blanket, I mean, quilt, can be!

Megan x

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