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Summer Weekend

The summer days are warm, the sound of cicada's in the trees outside are at times deafening. Storms build up in the afternoon with a little bit of rain that brings cool relief, before moving on too quickly, leaving a sticky humidity behind. The grass is green again and the sun takes it's time to go down. The best hours are at sunset, when the heat finally leaves and a golden hue stretches across the sky and surrounds. Mangoes, watermelon and passionate fruit are the season's lollies - light, delicious food that is perfect for the too-hot-to-eat weather.

I don't get a lot of sewing, or crochet done with such sticky weather. But when it rains, the days are cosy once again. It's temporarily cool inside, cups of tea accompany a little bit of craft. Bright colours are on my mind as I work away at my granny square collection. I think they will all be edged in white, so I play with different colour combinations by just making the center squares. I will have a lot of ends to tuck in.

I try crocheting in front of a movie on a Sunday - what results is a lack of concentration and a set of circles with an uneven amount of spokes to work into. Rather than waste them, I join them together with a chain and use them to brighten up an old set of drawers...a little quirky but they look cheerful.

Clearly ice cream is on the brain with all this summer heat. I turn one of my sketches into a fabric picture, stitching a cherry-on-top ice cream cone to a little polka dot banner. Pom-Pom trim is a must and I embroider some sprinkles on the first scoop, which having a face should probably be called the ice-cream's head. I don't have any dowel on hand, so I pinch a super large knitting needle so I can see it finished, with piping cord to hang it from the wall. I'm pleased with how my drawing translated into fabric and how the first prototype worked out. I may make a second edition when I have the time but for now the cherry-on-top ice cream is a cheerful addition to the wall.

This is summer. This is the weekend. How did you spend yours?

Megan x

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