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Project 48 Quilt - Block One

Today was one of those ridiculously productive days. The kind that only seem to come once or twice a year, where you can't believe how much you managed to get done, and usually end up proclaiming that all days from hence forth shall be like this. Except they never are, because they are wonderful miraculous flukes.

My sewing space has been in a rather messy state for some time now and I have been avoiding the task. I decided to try a new method today. I set the timer on my phone for 30 minutes and tidied without stopping until it went off. I found this beat the procrastination so well, I set it for another 30. There was a lunch break in between but after 3 beat-the-timer hours, I had achieved far more than I had set out to do. Everything was back in place, prim, proper and the floor mopped! I might adopt this method - permanently.

A tidy sewing space is just an invitation for some crafting, so this afternoon I decided to register for Project 48 Quilt (you can find the info here) to possibly further my novice quilting skills. They are already two weeks in so I'll have to catch up if I want to join in, but I'm not sure yet whether to commit myself as this one little perfectly imperfect block took me quite a bit of effort to make. Squares and I are not firm friends. However, it is appealing and the little quote beside the block is a little bit how I feel.

It took forever just to choose some fabrics, worried I'd make the wrong colour choice or regret cutting into a precious member of my stash. However once that craziness had passed, I chose the prints I wanted to work with and set about cutting and slicing.

I want to thank Ange from @alittlepatchwork on instagram for encouraging me to give it a go and inspiring me with her own beautiful Project 48 blocks in the first place.

We'll see how I go!

Megan x

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