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Pretty Crochet Squares

I've been making little granny squares for awhile now. When I decided to learn crochet, I decided it would be the best thing to practice on. Growing up, I was always started on useful but 'it doesn't matter' projects whenever I was learning a new craft. The first few things I cranked out on a little sewing machine in my primary school years were doll clothes. When I reached my early teens, I was allowed to use the 'big sewing machine' and put together easy patchwork projects such as bags and a birdcage cover. It taught me to sew but learning to sew on the machine while using the crazy patch technique meant I had something that looked half decent afterwards. These little squares will be a blanket, useful and mistakes won't be too detectable at a glance. (cue laughing emoticon)

Anyway, my little granny squares were bothering me a bit and rebel that I am, I broke free from the pattern and decided to do a treble stitch around one of my finished squares. I liked the result. It was much neater and somehow finished the square off. I couldn't help myself further, so I single crocheted around the treble trim to add another colour.

I have had set in my mind since starting these squares that I want the blanket to be trimmed in, out and around in white so all the coloured squares kind of pop! There are pom poms on the corners of the blanket too in my wild imagination. Today I did another double crochet trim around the outside of one of the squares. I just love the texture of all the stitches under my fingers. I still have to google joining methods.

I am an unconventional crafter it seems and have a habit of jumping in the deep end as a beginner. I wouldn't call it that in this case but I have already half made up my own pattern ~ shocking!

The little pink square above with the daisy in the centre I altered from the original centre. Instead of doing double crochet stitches as the spokes, I changed to 1x dc, 2x tr, 1x dc. It made the petals more rounded, and well, petal-y. The colour combination is my favourite. I like the other square too but it's a tad yellow-er than I would have liked. But he'll look fine mixed in with his friends. Or is that a she?

I hope all this changing will not be at my peril but I'm having fun, and that's what's most important, isn't it?

Megan x

Details: I used Patons Cotton Blend 8 ply for my squares on a 3.5mm hook. Yarn available from Yummy Yarn & Co. 

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