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DIY Vintage Chic Sleep Masks

It can be hard getting in an early night, and more difficult still when you head off to bed before the rest of the house, and the lights shine in under the door. It doesn't matter how relaxing or cosy your bedroom is if the background noise and TV glow keeps you distracted from sleep.

Enter the sleep mask.

I made these up as a gift and they were so much fun, I think I might have to make myself one ~ it'd be handy for a daytime nap when Mr. Sun is well and truly still out and about. I used two patterns to make these - the first one a traditional eye mask shape and the other is a fun and flirty cat mask.

The patterns were free on craftsy and willing to wing it, I just printed out the templates. Inspired by the romantic and feminine vintage style masks, I wanted these to feel and look just a little bit luxurious. I didn't use any wadding or batting, but used four layers of cotton to create these pretties. One piece for the outside, two pieces of cotton inside to make sure that light is well and truly blocked out and a soft piece for the lining. I used double gauze. Voile or lawn would be just as nice. It's resting against the skin so it needs to be super soft - for those with sensitive skin this is extra important. You could go the extra mile and use a soft organic fabric.

Cotton is light weight, doesn't get hot and is lovely and breathable for the skin. I basted the two layers of cotton and outside front piece together, then added some delicate vintage style lace and used super soft FOE elastic so it's nice and comfortable. The whole point is to be able to get some sleep after all.
I found 14 inches of elastic was about right but measuring one's head is always the best idea.

I really enjoyed making something so feminine and pretty. They would make wonderful gifts for friends who work night-shifts, in a pamper pack for a new Mumma or you whip some up for your bridal party. In fun bright prints, they'd also be perfect for a tween slumber party!

Megan x


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  2. I just finished making one for my daughter . We have an apartment facing the street and too much light gets in, so this is pretty much important to us. I used a blackout fabric. Thank you so much for this pattern, it was so useful and easy-to-follow.


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