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A Granny Square Quilt Block

Today didn't quite go to plan with my fur-child feeling unwell and taking on toddler like tendencies to follow me where ever I moved, I had to sit down for awhile so he would get some rest. I filled in the time by making a cup of tea and crocheting some more granny squares while Henry slept at my feet. As I looped the yarn in and out, my brain wandered off and I started thinking about a fabric granny square quilt block I had seen years ago and pinned to my 'one day list'.

Once Henry seemed recuperated and a bit brighter, and the morning chores had been sorted, I headed into the sewing room. I eyed the bundle of the quilt top pieces I was working on and my conscience supposed I should continue putting it together *but* I had a creative itch and that granny square quilt block was on my brain.

I had to do a quick google and found a variety of tutorials, settling on the instructions that were in squares not strips. For some reason I couldn't wrap my head around doing strips. Perhaps it's because I have never, ever made a pieced fabric quilt block before. Or many quilt blocks at all for that matter. The birthday quilt I am working on is just a random square design I came up with - easy and beginner friendly.

Anyway, out came the slicey-ruler (see you can tell I am so technical!) and armed with a little bundle of fabrics and the cutting mat, I began constructing the block. I wanted the little deer to feature in the center, I just wish I had understood the pattern enough to cut him on the diagonal at the time. Oh well, I am sure he will survive having a crooked neck.

 To give you some idea of how I feel towards quilting, this is the conversation that I had with my mother after I showed her the finished square.

Me: See the square I made? 

Mother: It's very nice.....

Me: *Smiles like a five year old with a painting*

Mother: I thought...'you don't have the quilting gene?" *raised eyebrow, amused*

Me: I don't! *slinks off*

Yeah. Well. I think I have said a million times I don't have the quilting gene. But maybe it ISN'T a gene. Maybe it's a, er, problem. Because I first noticed the feeling the other day when I put together the squares that are to make the quilt top for my sister's birthday-present quilt. Ooooh, that looks nice. This is quite fun. Quite satisfying actually.

And then today, no commitment. I was just making a granny square block. You know because I like granny squares. After I was finished though and examined my new creation and first ever quilt block with parent like pride...I don't know. Perhaps quilting and chopping up little bits of fabric is something that grows on you. Because making this was so much fun and the background systems in my brain are already putting together different colour and fabric combinations.

Oh no. I guess time will tell.

What about you? Have you ever tried a new craft that you have *possibly* become addicted to without meaning to?

Megan x


Fabric from Dolly Henry ~ Love and Polka Dots Deer Print, Sunshine Roses Pink Gingham, Petite Rosebuds and Linen Look Blender.

Tutorials I found useful: Here. Here. And Here.

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