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A Drawstring Bag in Teapots

What does one do when one needs to tidy up the sewing room? Sew of course!

Well maybe not exactly the best way to get everything sorted *but* I came across my bundle of hexagons while I was cleaning and decided I must get them some kind of hexie keeping container so they would stay in order. That's when I realized that a draw-string bag would fit the bill and I had all the materials on hand to make it happen. Mid-tidying of course. Because making a bag so I could put the hexies away counts, right?

I decided to use some the these gorgeous Yuwa Teapots as the fabric is so super soft and I hadn't had a chance to work with the print yet and this seemed like good as time as any! The little details of this print delight tea addicts such as I, with cute cups, pots and canisters labelled with different tea varieties dotted in a blue china plate fashion across the fabric. It actually reminds me of our tea cupboard...there's everything from Chai and Ceylon to Chocolate and Vanilla stashed away in there. Oh and good old fashion English breakfast! But enough on probably drink seems most people I know do. *sigh*

With pom-pom trim on the bottom and a tassel on the ribbon pull string, there is something a little quirky about this bag. It makes me chuckle a little to look at it, not in a bad way. Just in a slightly amused fashion. I have no idea why!

I also labelled the bag Hexies - just because, or on the off chance I forget what is in the bag (unlikely!) and added a matching hexagon and some cotton measuring tape to finish it off.

I really had to stay with the blue and cream theme when choosing the bags 'accessories'. It is an unlined draw string bag, I am not sure if that is a sewing sin or not. A question of lining just didn't come up when I was cutting into the fat quarter. I do solemnly promise that I turned the top over double to hide any raw seams and over-locked the insides. I am not a complete failure in that regard.

Anyway my goal was achieved, the hexagons now have a safe resting place, sit nicely in the little basket beside a strawberry pincushion and are easy to fetch when I feel like doing some hexagon making or arranging!

Do you ever find yourself interrupting important tasks to do a spot of sneaky sewing?

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