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Friday, 28 August 2015

Dolly Mixes Bundles

I love nothing better than a splash of well coordinated colour! When all the hues are in harmony, I find the fabric can really sing. Combining colour palettes well is a skill in itself and something as a designer I have learned can make or break a project. I've put together some of my favourite prints into lovely bundles for the shop. I know trying to match colours perfectly can be a challenge sometimes, so it's nice to have the hardwork done for you now and then! This is the Polka Dots and Roses set. It's the first in a little collection called the Dolly Mixes bundles, where I will be putting my designer and colour know-how to good use, curating special bundles that are so delicious, all you'll have to decide is what you are going to design with them!

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Little Squares of Strength Project

Little Squares for the #littlesquaresofstrength project by Tea + Fleur.

In Fleur's Words: 

"Do you know a beautiful, strong incredible woman who needs a little bit of love sent her way? You can nominate her to receive the#littlesquaresofstrength blanket by sending me a direct message. Women from all over the world are willingly crafting squares to contribute to this love fuelled blanket that I will be joining together"

I patched these vintage inspired little 12cm by 12cm squares together and shipped them off the Fleur who is going to be stitching crocheted, stitched and sewn squares from all over the world into a beautiful blanket for one very lucky lady somewhere.

If you'd like to get involved, head over to the Tea + Fleur instagram profile, but hurry because all the #littlesquaresofstrength need to be at Fleur's by September.

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Friday, 14 August 2015

Learning to Quilt

I'm no quilter but when I had a birthday coming up that I needed to find a gift for, I decided to make good of the half-hearted pledge I made at the beginning of the year to make gifts for family in 2015, instead of only buying them. What better than a lovely useful blanket!

Quilts being slow things and this one being entirely made up - I'm not following a pattern, I just like doing simple squares - I didn't get it finished but I did show the recipient to be, explaining that I was still working on her gift. I was just going to lazy daisy stitch all the pretty fabrics together into squares, but remembering the days when my grandmother taught me crazy patch, I started putting bits of lace and trims I had collected onto the seams, giving each square a style of it's own.

It's a great way to use up trims and bits and bobs that aren't really useful for anything else.
I've also been dying to try out the postage stamp idea I saw on the Nana Company blog a long time ago, and it's been fun turning the little linen squares into "brown paper packaging tied up with string" inspired messages.

I'm no quilter, but I grew up with lots and lots of colourful and amazing quilts made by my grandmother and have noticed the gap their absence makes as the last ones slowly wear away thread by thread, after years and years of use - either wrapping up in winter, sitting on as picnic rugs, throwing on lounge chairs and some so old, they were makeshift cubby houses when we were children. 

I know I won't be making the intricate beauties that she created, but there is nothing like a handmade blanket, so it looks like I will have to learn to love the art if I want stacks of quilts in the cupboards to be there in the years to come.

Megan xoxo

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It's Petite Street!

I just love the modern, bold and vibrant prints and styling of the Petite Street fabric collection!
The gorgeous geometrics include a little house print and cloud design that would be perfect for the home interior designer, parties or adding to the wardrobe in dresses!

Available in the Dolly Henry store!
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Small Town Living

Friday, 7 August 2015

Small Town Living

Small town living. It's so different to being in suburbia. All the things I used to find inconvenient about living in a small country town after moving from a regional city I have learned to love.

What used to be a six foot fenced fortress backyard and a patch of grass hardly worth owning a lawn mower for, became a 1/4 of an acre, with short wiry untidy little fences that forced you to get to know your neighbours. In suburbia you are aware of your neighbours, but the style of indoor living and security fencing meant you just knew who they were and that was about it. Besides the odd shout heard between a bickering couple or a child learning to play the trumpet, that was about all the interaction you had with the people living around you.

When an ambulance used to go past in the city, it was often in peak hour traffic and I didn't pay a lot of attention. Now, standing at the tiny post office that doubles as a community hub, an ambulance screams past and you stop to wonder who it could possibly be - is it someone you know? If it isn't, you can often be sure to find out who it was and what happened through the friend of a friend.

The entire main street is just about shut by lunchtime on a Saturday and won't be trading again until Monday morning. Including cafes. It used to a bit annoying, but eventually you learn to get organised and appreciate the fact that the world can stop for 24 hours and not everyone needs to work 24/7, leaving people more time to spend with their families.

The local post office is run by a handful of people. Farmers exchange weather reports, elderly people escape their carers for the day and wander up the road to spend time there – they have tea. Those supermarket cards that are swapped and exchanged are dropped at the PO and children come in to swap and engage in chatter with the lovely couple who own it - there is often a preschool drawing or two blue tacked to the wall.

It might be less convenient, have limited services and bad internet when a cloud goes over, less entertainment options and the odd frustrating phone call with a city courier service that has no idea of the distances up here. You might have roads that are dusty, cracked and bumpy from heavy vehicles
You become entwined and involved with a community that you can't ever imagine not being part of it. You have a deeper sense of connection and the ripple effects one person’s decision can have on an entire area, community and economy. What you do as a person has a domino effect, and in a smaller place you see the results a lot faster – whether they are good or bad.

But life is simpler, and richer for the sense of community, belonging and the fact that if you don’t all support each other, the area and our families will fail to thrive. This ripple effect exists in the city, but the pond is much bigger so it is less noticeable. In a small town, it’s there in your face.

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