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Summer Craft: Strawberry Pincushions

Summer strawberries! I just love them and they are even sweeter when picked from the local strawberry farm - the flavour difference is amazing. They are such a lovely little fruit, both for eating and in craft. Who doesn't love a cute strawberry print?

I whipped up a few of these gorgeous Strawberry pincushions one afternoon when I wanted to do some hand stitching. I originally intended to make just one but found they were so much fun, I went on to make four of the little creatures. Picking out the fabrics and matching the wool felt and ribbons to them was tricky because oh the choices!

In the end I chose my favourite ditsy floral, pink gingham and pink cotton couture.
The felt I used is 100% wool that I had stashed away, but you could use any felt you are happy with.
I used this tutorial by Down Grapevine Lane.

 I didn't have any tiny beads for the center of my flowers, so I cut out yellow centers anyway. I made the flower on the pink strawberry more realistically inspired as I recall strawberry flowers have white flowers and yellow centers (?) Anyway I thought it was cute but a family member remarked that it could also be an egg. Never mind.

I'm also learning making myself learn to use the DSLR camera. I have wanted to for ages, so I can get a better picture quality for the blog but all the buttons can be a bit scary. Thankfully I have a sister fluent in DSLR language who is very very patient. The day I took these photos it was overcast and dark, so they are a little more shadowy then I would like. But there is only one way to learn....

Interesting note: I styled the pincushions on a plate that belonged to my great-grandmother. It is a Shelley China plate and so light you could easily toss it over your shoulder when picking it up. I love the hand painted detail.

I can't help thinking that the next pincushion I make should be with some of Tasha Noel's Vintage Market Strawberry Gingham print........ just perfect, no?

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  1. Yummy post! We are under a blanket of winter snow right now, so the strawberries are a wonderful reminder of what's to come in the spring/summer!


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