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2015 in Reflection

An alternative title for this post would be '2015: The Year That Turned the Tables'. Just going through the folders to find photos for this post, I honestly cannot believe what a whirlwind year this would be. Truly you never know what is going to happen in life or how different life may be twelve months from now.

So how did 2015 go for me?

January - I was still sewing for my baby/toddler girls clothing label Robintail. I had planned on taking a break over the New Year period but all the pieces were made to order.

February to June - Little known to me, these were the last months of Robintail. The long hours and pressure eventually took their toll. Exhaustion, illness and repetitive strain injury forced me to realize it was time for a change.

July - While on rest, I purchased some yarn and decided to give crochet a go. I had wanted to learn for ages, however my long hours as a seamstress meant I rarely touched anything creative for myself. I started making granny squares, began a birthday quilt for my sister and did creative activities for no other reason than fun. Some of the stress melted away and I realized how much I had missed being creative. I decided to destash some of my fabric under the name Dolly Henry on etsy, and start a blog to share my new creative journey.

August to November - My little etsy shop was going strong and I made the decision to make Dolly Henry a fabric shop and new business - one where I could share, help and inspire others into being creative.

I collaborated with two amazing bloggers - Sedef of Down Grapevine Lane and Lisa of A Spoonful of Sugar. The creative blogging, instagram and designer community has been so supportive, encouraging and welcoming.

I closed the etsy shop and took the leap to launch the Dolly Henry website and held our first ever Cyber Monday sale!

I was inspired to try a donut potholder pattern, make strawberry pincushions and start a hexagon collection.

December - I participated in my first-ever swap - the Papered Threads Swap. My partner Susi is in Germany and I had great fun making her a pocket letter and some other pretties that are winging their way overseas as I type.

Two lovely ladies on Instagram sent me surprise packages in the mail, containing patterns, fabric, buttons and other pretties.

I can't believe how much happened in 2015 and this is the short, reasonably uncomplicated version. I have no idea what 2016 will hold and after this year I am not even going to venture any ideas or plans! But thank you to everyone who has followed along this year, joined in my creative journey and left comments on the blog, facebook or instagram.

Here's to another creative year - let's make it a good one! xx

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