Hey there! My name is Megan and I'm the sewing, pattern making girl behind Dolly Henry. This is my blog, where I share my own creative adventures and hope to meet fellow fabric enthusiasts. I also design and sell sewing patterns through my online boutique, alongside a beautiful collection of clothing and dolls. Thank you for stopping by!


The Honest Sewing Studio

My studio has been an evolving space since we moved here. It's been painted and the furniture rearranged several times until the configuration was right. The shelves were spacious and stacked lightly with my few pieces of fabric only a couple of years ago. I agree with something I saw on Pinterest - quilting fabric is 50% cotton, 50% rabbit fur...because it multiplies when your back is turned! At least that's the story I'm going with!

I thought I'd share a glimpse of my studio, at least a little peek of it when it's wearing it's best dress and clean socks because most of the time it does not look like this. I'm all for the #honeststudio photos but there is such a thing as too much information, so I took advantage of the fact it was looking incredibly squeaky sparkly clean awhile ago and we did photos!

My studio is far from perfect but having previously had the world's teeniest dining room to sew in, I'm definitely not complaining. If it didn't have to double as a professional workspace, it'd be pretty peachy.

If you too are looking around at a floor strewn with threads, menacing pins waiting to catch an innocent foot, bits of selvedge, the odd pencil and crumbled up bit of paper then you are in good company - because that's the reality of this creative space most of the time. I am messy more often than not and frequently lose my tape measure under a pile of cut out quilt pieces and recently put up a Missing poster for my roll of double sided tape. I'm sure it's hiding under the over locking scraps..which have long held me in fascination..all those fabric-y colours mixed together - splendid!

My bobbin holder isn't holding all the bobbins and needles are like bobby pins...I have lots of extra packets because though I own a pretty holder..they seem to mysteriously vanish. I fancy I'll find them all in the corner one day, at a secret needle convention or something!

So these pictures are my fantasy, as much as they may be yours dear reader. Unless you are blessed in the art of keeping tidy, then these may indeed be your reality and I salute you for being creative whilst keeping unruly bundles of fabric, ribbons and thread in good order.

By the way, if you find my little thread scissors...let me know! I put them down somewhere....

Do you have your own studio space? Is it neat, messy or somewhere in between?

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  1. Such a pretty sewing space! My sewing room doubles as a guest room and as we have guests fairly regularly it gets a thorough cleaning often enough. Between times however, I usually forget what the flooring looks like hahaha! ;)

  2. What a delicious room. So inspiring!


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