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On the Subject of Tea & Other Matters

I do love a good fabric bundle! We had fun in the studio last week creating some special Dolly Mixes bundles with limited edition fabric selections unique to these sets. The Teacups & Gumdrops set is vintage inspired and reminds me of lovely cups of tea, pretty posies from the garden and cooling off on the veranda in the afternoon - it's Summer in Australia and heating up quite nicely!

On the subject of tea, I was watching a movie last night and there was a scene about how badly some people make cups of tea! This gave me a giggle because we were only talking with coffee-loving friends the other day how coffee-drinkers think tea is nothing more than a bag of leaves and some hot water. I drink a little bit of coffee but I am definitely a teapot more often than not! I save my coffee drinking for a proper one at a cafe, and don't often order tea due to the fact it's usually not made very well. I have no plans on educating the non-tea drinking public on the art of tea making and the fact it comes in many different flavours and varieties, but I do think tea has a bad rep among coffee lovers and perhaps it's all in the making...after all we do know how well a certain fast food chain did over here when they tried to sell coffee without properly trained baristas!

Now back on track............

I wanted to tell you about the Candy Heart set! Our first Happy Mail bundles sold out, so we have curated some replacements. I love stationary nearly as much as I love fabric, so I just love the idea of these bundles. There's something so fun about receiving a mixed bundle of goodies in the mail! These ones feature some limited prints, including a gorgeous Japanese cotton. Pom-Poms are back and with them a darling floral and picot edged double bias binding. The trims are high quality and suitable for quilts and garments.

I still remember getting gorgeous craft sets from my Grandmother as a little girl and the fact she put them together and didn't buy a random packet full of sequins and bad glue from the cheapy shops, made them worth having. I guess there is an essence of that memory in these little bundles. We've wrapped them up rather prettily too so they are perfect for giving daughters, grand daughters and nieces a pretty little craft pack all her own, that is cute and isn't only sewing related. The cute bits of stationary see to that. If you want to introduce a bit of creativity, they're a good idea because she can choose to take up quilting alongside you, or simply use them for journalling and school projects.

Do you plan on introducing your children to craft or are they already creative geniuses? 

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