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Drawing with Fabric

I have been so used to designing and making little clothes for the past few years, I'll admit it has taken me awhile to find as much satisfaction in trying other things to make. Throughout my childhood years, I had a pencil/pen/paint brush in my hand more often than a needle, always accompanied by a sketchbook full of people - mainly mothers and children, attending various social outings and of course featuring interesting outfits. As much as I liked playing with dolls, I found it more fun to create people in pictures, giving them names and imagining up conversations for them.

The other day, suffering a slight withdrawal from my clothing designing ways (my sister joked that clothing was my natural habitat and I cannot survive in the wild!) and wanting to do something more with a picture I sketched up of a cute little girl, wearing a picture version of an outfit I had sewn, I decided to try turning her into a fabric applique.

It took me quite awhile to trace her out, and piece all the tiny pieces together, but I greatly enjoyed the process of putting together her clothing colours and style. I wasn't sure what exactly I would do with the finished item so I fixed her to a large piece of white cotton, so I would have room to do something later on when I decided - I was just so intent on turning my artwork into a fabric picture, I didn't stop to think what I would do with it when finished.

I decided to stitch her using black thread, I really wanted that raw, sketchy look. I freehanded all the details in and greatly enjoyed the process of seeing her brought to life. You can't really see in the picture, but her hair is all stitched too. I didn't worry if I wobbled with the stitch, I just relaxed and let it happen. I am quite a perfectionist so I'm not always 100% happy when I create something if I think there is room for improvement, but considering I didn't have to get the quick unpick out once doing this and had a rather relaxing time of it, I am pretty chuffed with the result from my first go.

One of my instagram followers suggested the name Tilly Tiptoes, and I think that name is perfect. I plan on turning her into a tutorial for anyone else who'd like to make their own little fabric picture. And I have filled another 5 sheets of paper with more designs - I have found drawing and then stitching quite addictive! Stay tuned..........


  1. She's beautiful! Can't wait to see what you put her on to...Ali (arabesque-scissors) Xx

  2. Beautiful! Any hints on what that red and white text fabric is in your photo?

    1. Hi Kim, yes it's Vintage Market print - available in one of our stacker packs - they have a whole mix of prints which a perfect for hexies!


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