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10 Good Things

10 Good Things I love Right Now

1. The warmer weather...finally Spring has sprung!
 I should be able to throw away the scarf and tissue box now.

2. Baking cakes, one for now and one for the freezer has kept morning tea in supply, 
with a cuppa and slice of cake ready to go when I need a mid-morning pick me up.

3. Crochet Cotton. I started crocheting in Winter with gorgeous merino yarn but I am delighted to be churning out granny squares in delicious, bright cotton!

4. A craft magazine and chocolate. A perfect treat after a busy day at work or when things are a bit stressful. It is definitely a good idea to recharge the batteries, positivity makes positivity.

5. Packing pretty parcels. Oh I know how much a fabric parcel is anticipated...they can never come fast enough and I always savoured the process like I was unwrapping a birthday present. Slowly, layer by layer with a cup of tea. To know that I am sending out happy mail like this to others, 
it's joyful!

6. Finding new people to follow on Instagram. 
There are some very talented ladies out there, that are so inspiring. 

7. This video of the Strawberry Biscuit fabric line by Elea Lutz for Penny Rose fabrics. Oh my gosh! It is so cute, I cannot wait for this range to come in 2016. Yes, Dolly Henry will be stocking this amazing range!

8. Walks in the morning. In shorts! Summer is inching it's way in and I never thought I'd say it because our North Queensland summers are SO SO hot....but I can't wait for the weather to fully warm up. It's just not quite the same without it. I want to wear brights, sundresses, sandals, eat watermelon, mango and stone fruit. Feel the summer/christmas feeling and enjoy running away to air conditioned shopping centres to escape the heat. It's just not the same without it!

9. Pom Poms - aren't they cute? They just add so much fun, a touch of bohemian style and colour to any project. Pom-Poms forever!

10. Weekends! Right now, everything is so busy and hectic, the weekends are just wonderful. A day or two of catching up and not feeling as much pressure......bliss.

What are 10 good things in your world right now?

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