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Learning to Quilt

I'm no quilter but when I had a birthday coming up that I needed to find a gift for, I decided to make good of the half-hearted pledge I made at the beginning of the year to make gifts for family in 2015, instead of only buying them. What better than a lovely useful blanket!

Quilts being slow things and this one being entirely made up - I'm not following a pattern, I just like doing simple squares - I didn't get it finished but I did show the recipient to be, explaining that I was still working on her gift. I was just going to lazy daisy stitch all the pretty fabrics together into squares, but remembering the days when my grandmother taught me crazy patch, I started putting bits of lace and trims I had collected onto the seams, giving each square a style of it's own.

It's a great way to use up trims and bits and bobs that aren't really useful for anything else.
I've also been dying to try out the postage stamp idea I saw on the Nana Company blog a long time ago, and it's been fun turning the little linen squares into "brown paper packaging tied up with string" inspired messages.

I'm no quilter, but I grew up with lots and lots of colourful and amazing quilts made by my grandmother and have noticed the gap their absence makes as the last ones slowly wear away thread by thread, after years and years of use - either wrapping up in winter, sitting on as picnic rugs, throwing on lounge chairs and some so old, they were makeshift cubby houses when we were children. 

I know I won't be making the intricate beauties that she created, but there is nothing like a handmade blanket, so it looks like I will have to learn to love the art if I want stacks of quilts in the cupboards to be there in the years to come.

Megan xoxo

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