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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Breaking the Creative Drought

I spent the first half of the year making a lot of things. So many things, that I think I probably got a bit creatively burnt out. This is never good. Commonly, I've seen it called creative block. For me, it feels like a creative drought. I'd like it to rain, but I don't think it's going to for a little while...

In short, I've been suffering overwhelm, procrastination and a feeling that things need a bit of a shakeup. I think it's time to take some major drastic action when you realize the thing you absolutely loved isn't as much fun anymore. For me, that is sewing and creating and enjoying the process.

I am not afraid to admit that right now, it's a struggle. The creativity is not flowing.

And when you've been mixing what you love to do, with the fact that it is supposed to bring in the bacon, it is very easy for things to become a little tangled. So much so, if one is not very careful, one becomes stuck in the rut of only making something if it is for your business, or basically you are being a little naughty and you should not, whisper, just be doing it for the sheer joy of it.

So I have been thinking, while I have been waiting not so patiently for the rain to come (read: I've been trying to squeeze out the creativity and enthusiasm as if life is a lemon) that perhaps I have been going about this completely the wrong way...

Instead of trying to make the creative powers arrive in a fit of divine inspiration, that I should just relax and shrug my shoulders. Because after all, if I am not having fun, then why force the process?

Instead of trying to organize, schedule or usher everything into a nice tidy business box, why don't I focus on just crafting a good day? Instead of waking up every day and waiting for the penny to drop, (and then wondering why on earth sewing means so little to me all of a sudden - yes so I can be a bit dramatic!) maybe, I should just simply look at how I can make a good day. 

Because when fear resides, procrastination departs and joy arrives, it's going to be so much easier to do the rain dance that should help break the creative drought. There are definitely clouds in the sky - the ideas abound but then they dissolve or float away to rain upon less resistant lands.

So, if you like me, have been having a little creative drought or have been feeling a little less than when it comes to your creative business - perhaps we should try a different method. Perhaps instead of trying to make rain, we should be choosing what gumboots we want to wear, so that as the drought breaks, we are ready to dance in when it falls.

Megan xx

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Friday, 20 July 2018

A New Chapter

It's time for a new chapter for Dolly Henry. 

It seems to be in the very nature of a creative enterprise, to bend and twist and grow as I move through different design phases. Creativity after all, is fluid. It isn't tangible, we can't see, touch or hear it. It's something you experience, a little spark, a moment of magic and mystery. It ebbs and flows and sometimes, it just disappears.

And having the courage to take the new bend in the path is often the most difficult part.

At least it is for me.

I am wholeheartedly in love with creating dolls and little collections of beautiful things for small folk. It's a path I am familiar with and I am excited and daunted at this change in direction, because it means letting go of the old, to make way for the new.

The Dolly Henry store, brand, and label will now house my own designer collection of beautiful heirloom dolls and creations. You can find them, and purchase them here.

The collection of patterns and fabrics are currently unavailable, as I venture forth along this new avenue. I value the support I have had for my designs, through selling my work as patterns. Thank-you. If you want to continue to access my work and designs, you can find them in the form of handmade, finished pieces for the moment.

I also ask for respect for my patterns and designs, that you continue to use them for personal use only. 

For now, I just need to be alone with creativity. 

I also have a new venture up my sleeve. MEGAN ELIZABETH.

A brand under my own name, it is slowly growing and shaping. For now, I am quite content to allow it to do just that. I enjoy working in the creative industry, exactly how I move forward in the future is the part I am unsure about right now. That's a good thing because I know when we launch, it will be amazing.

You can join the MEGAN ELIZABETH mailing list to be notified when that happens, and also follow the new Instagram account @meganelizabethau

Whatever form my work or expression of creativity has taken over time, it has always been completely and utterly authentic.

If it isn't, it doesn't sit well with me, if I am not creating completely from the heart.

I have a lot of ideas, they are always swirling, growing and changing.

And for now, I need to pursue them in the way I feel is true to my soul.

So watch this space...


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