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A Pretty Little Apron

December last year was a flurry of activity and turned out to be one of the most creative months of 2016. A lot of this was due to the fact that Christmas lives in December and I thought it was a good time to make some lovely handmade gifts, ya'know?

 Among them, was this apron, that I made for a special friend, who, being an online friend, would have seen her gifts if I had shared them here before Christmas day.

I *know* I could have shared this a bit earlier than now, but time eluded me and I always feel that from December 25 to well into January is a holiday time of year... so I can forgive myself for being a little bit slack. It's a good time to pause, reflect and plan for the year ahead. I have lots of ideas for 2017, which should guarantee I will never be bored.

I was so excited when I was racking my brain for gift ideas, to come up with an apron. Not everyone wears or even likes them, but I do and it's such a fun thing to make and give! Straight away, I knew I didn't want to make just any this was a special gift, I felt it didn't have to be a completely practical know, the kind you can scrub and slosh buckets of water about in. That wouldn't be any fun!

I perused Pinterest for inspiration as you do, but gave up after not finding anything that felt just right...yes I had a Goldilocks moment. A lot of the aprons I found were lovely in their own way, but were either just a little bit over the top or in the scrub-and-slosh category. So I decided to design my own - something feminine, something stylish and something just a little bit pretty. A hostess apron, though using the cottons I did, you can still bake batches of biscuits, splash chocolate around and manage to run it on an ordinary machine cycle! I highly doubt the recipient is as messy as I am in the kitchen... I think coveralls might actually be the best apron for me.

I took the time to add pintucks, piping and pom-pom trim to the bib, finished off with some covered buttons. The devil is in the detail and I wanted it to be just right. Taking a cue from the Downton Abbey maid's aprons (I'm sure I spend more time watching the clothes on those kind of shows than anything else!), the straps cross at the back and button onto the waistband because surely, I can't be the only person, to feel like those halter-necks are trying to strangle me in my own kitchen? (It's an Apron conspiracy I'm sure!)

The skirt is lovely and full and when I had finished making the apron, I decide that aprons should be an allowable item of fashion... I'd totally wear mine to the shop if it wouldn't be frowned upon...or stared upon...or Youtubed-upon (hey you never know these days!) I take it back, the Youtubing might be good publicity....for what I don't know...National 'Wear Your Apron to the supermarket day?'

 (Is that a thing!?)

I think I might need to make another apron like this soon...or possibly take it further, and make it a pinafore for winter...then I could wear it out..and no-one would know! A secret identity apron..yeah.
I'm actually deadly serious on that. The pinafore. Not the secret identity part.

As for the apron side of things, I think I should make one for me and I am toying with the idea of patterning it. If anyone is interested? Does anyone here wear aprons?

If you fancy the fabrics I used, you can find the Wedgewood Cotton Couture and the Dusty Pink Vintage Japanese Floral in the Dolly Henry store - both feel and drape very nicely!

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