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A Beautiful Mess

"It's all about perspective" The words echoed with their double meaning, the reply my photographer sister had given when I had said "I like learning to use the camera, it even makes mess look good!"

Fifteen minutes earlier I had been suffering a bit of overwhelm, we are in the process of getting ready to move. Life seems to hang in the balance at times like this, it's almost like someone has hit the fast forward button AND the pause button at the same time...resulting in a short circuit. The day before, I decided to finally take an Instagram holiday, a good proper one. As much as I like sharing my work on there, I find I feel better when I am away from it, I don't actually really know why exactly. But apparently, some people don't feel great using social media so maybe I am an unexplained anomaly!

I thought taking a decent break would help me decide whether I should make it a permanent change or not. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I opened my fabric shop up on Etsy again, in the hope I could move some stock before we get to the actual moving part. It will be a lot easier, the less I have to pack. And I've put my handmade shop on holiday. Just for the meantime. Keeping my blog going and posting fabric orders is enough to contend with at the present.

 Feeling a bit lost, I sat with a cup of tea and stared out the window over my sewing machine for about half an hour, listening to the birds warbling in the nearby bushland. Spring has finally arrived here and before long, I imagine, the blistering heat. Spring is a short affair here in the North. Not as bad as on the coast but still, there are days an air conditioner would not be unwelcome. It certainly messes with my creative life!

I turned back around and sighed at the studio in all it's mess. It was one cause of overwhelm..there just seemed to be so much stuff. And then I realised, the longer I sat there, that the stuff , as messy as it is, is actually what drives so much of my creative inspiration. The felt colour chart hanging lopsidedly on the wall, showing dots of pretty colours, combinations that can spark a new idea. The dolls sitting squishedly (and one nakedly!) on the shelf were a little disorderly, but only because they had been picked up quickly when I was imagining new dolly ideas.

Packaging envelopes, stickers and string, where I had left them because I had orders to pack quickly before dashing out to collect groceries. Basket trays of cut out projects, seemingly abandoned but patiently waiting for the day I once again take them in hand. Overfilled bins stuffed with scraps, a sign of much activity and making. Piles of untidy fabric bundles, rifled through quickly in the excitement of making something new, the projects so engrossing that I failed to tidy them back up.

This was beautiful. Half the things I make wouldn't exist without it, the rolls of fabric piled up might be outgrowing the shelves, but it's the sign of a slowing growing fabric shop. The scraps, the little trinkets, the abandoned half baked ideas...all of them make my work what it is, inspires me, sometimes frustrates me, and it's not suitable for a country living magazine. But it's mine, it's me and it's beautifully messy.

In the threads, the loose pins, the buttons strewn across the table and the scraps lying all over the floor are little stories and little moments. In the same way sticky fingers on the walls and never ending piles of laundry, are also mess, it means life is being lived, and loved to the fullest.

I'm messy and I'm finally embracing it. How? By picking up the camera and showing you that the mess is beautiful, and the mess is real. Life is busy, there isn't always time for tidying up in between dashing in and out, and the best thing - mess can be tidied up.

"It's all about perspective." Both from the angle I shot these at, and the way I *finally* choose to look at it.

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