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Good-bye Shop

I am a great believer in blooming where I am planted. One of the reasons for this is because I've found it really does no good to constantly fight where life has one anyway, so embracing what comes, even when it isn't easy, helps me to find the positive in everyday and the joy in where I am currently on my life's journey. I think everyone has a journey in life, and even when we are no longer children, we continue to change and grow. Having observed what life does to you when you refuse to accept changes and what it throws at you, I can say it is much better to accept what is and move with it, instead of fighting against it. Much like the when life hands you lemons scenario. (by the way, when it does, make lemon pasta! It's the best, I really ought to share the recipe xx)

Behind the scenes, handmade dress, camera and scary stripey socks!

After much tossing, turning and thought, I have decided for now to let go of my little fabric shop. I did have lots of dreams for it - I say dreams because they were never concreted plans - so it is a bittersweet decision. The reason I can breathe it in, and let it go in a slightly shaky exhale, is because it was an unintentional step in my path in the first place. It's been quite difficult to run, as I haven't been able to invest in it, in the way I really would have liked. Circumstances haven't allowed that, and I only wanted to mention this because I know sometimes, running a business can look easy online, especially when you see all the highlights via social media. Behind the scenes is often a bit different, as anyone who has run their own small business will attest to. There are late nights, long days, plans that go down the drain and plans that work better than you ever imagined. It's exciting and exhausting all at once. I want anyone else who is trying to run or set up a small business that you aren't alone in the struggle, it's hard.


Anyway, I came to the conclusion that no decision is ever permanent, however I need to stop this for awhile now, just to take stock and really work out where I'm at. I have a lot of other exciting aspirations for my creativity and it's with this in view that I move forward with a smile on my face. My fabric shop may resurface because I'm not sure even I need the amount of fabric I have, but for now, it will be on vacation mode, along with my dreams, plans and ideas in that department.

I'm excited for the future. This time last year, I had to let go of my little clothing business. It was a good decision because it's taken 12 months to recover my health. 2016 has not been easy. I am so thankful and grateful to my little fabric shop - it began as a destash store and this blog was meant to be a journal of my new creative journey. A recovery method to help get over the past business, which my heart was and is still very tied to. Without rediscovering my creativity, and my fabric shop, I would not have met the amount of amazing ladies out there, who introduced me to a very wonderful, thriving, positive online craft community. It set me on a path I never would have taken without pressing 'open' on that small fabric shop.

I have a few exciting blog hops coming up with some of my favourite fabric designers and I still pinch myself that I get to do that! I have thoughts on patterns and making more products for my clothes shop. Ideas for this blog. But for now, I really need to just take a break and take stock of where I am at. Instead of hopping to the next thing in the same way you do when you find yourself out of work and looking for the next job. It's a lot of pressure on a creative level, something I just don't need right now.

At every end, there is a beginning. It's scary, and it can be sad. But the seed has to die,
for the flower to grow.

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