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Here and Now 02

Loving //  Lists - they are keeping me sane right now!
Eating //  Homemade Ricotta!
Drinking //  Apple Cider Vinegar in my water
Feeling //  Very busy
Making //  My first ever sour dough loaves of bread
Wearing //  Leggings and Loose Tops
Thinking //  About all the stuff I have to do
Dreaming //  Of making some pretty dresses for my new project coming soon!

Creatively Inspired

What is happening in your Here & Now?
Here & Now is inspired by Sarah of the Say! Little Hen blog. 


  1. Hi!
    The bread looks delicious.
    Homemade ricotta sounds divine:)

    1. Hi Laurie, thank you! And yes homemade ricotta is absolutely divine! Megan

  2. Your bread looks great - fantastic effort for your first loaves! We love making simple homemade cheeses as well (bought milk - we're in the city), but I haven't yet been quite as adventurous as our friend Sarah. Ricotta, paneer, etc is as far as I've made it thus far.

    Nice to meet you via "Here & Now".
    ~Laura (Green in Real Life / Creativity Unmasked)

    1. Hi Laura! Thank you so much, I just *love* ricotta - I know it's simple and delicious but it can be used in so many recipes which I love! Megan :-)

    2. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. :)


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