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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Teatime Chat With: A Little Patchwork

I have met some amazing people since starting my crafting journey. The crafty and quilty community on Instagram is such a lovely bunch of like-minded people coming together from across the globe, sharing, supporting and encouraging each other in both their creative endeavours and life in general. It really is a privilege to get to know these talented makers and be part of such a thriving, positive environment.
The Teatime Chat series is about getting to know some of these wonderful ladies just a little bit better, and also share their beautiful work and stories with you. We might be miles apart but I’d like to think of this as a way to have a neighbourly cup of tea and chat, as if it was a simple walk down the block, a tray of freshly baked cookies and basket of craft in hand.
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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

January Makes + Thoughts on a Social Media Detox

It seems to me that January has been whisked off beneath my very nose, because as I type with my afternoon cup of tea, I am well aware that it is indeed the third day of the second month...yes folks, it is February! That explains why the supermarket was so much quieter and there are Easter eggs on the shelves (please note; I think it is too early for that)

The world is returning to pre-Christmas, pre-holiday, pre-New Year and even pre-Australia day normalcy. February is the month we finally shake off the confetti, put away the party plates and settle into 2016.
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