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Colour Palette: Cherry Pie

This bundle was inspired by summer picnics, strawberries and a little vintage Enid Blyton. I'm not sure if that last part makes sense, but it sums up my thoughts on her delicious farmhouse lunch descriptions, little glass milk bottles and straws, tree-climbing, blue skies and holiday adventures. Anyway, I love a good mix of red and blue. A good mix of florals and gingham makes it even better.

Cherry Pie seemed like a good name, despite the fact none of the prints feature any cherries. There is something yummy about the colours in this bundle. The pink solid was an interesting addition to the set. I noticed the flowers in the Atsuko Matsuyama 30's floral had that little blush in them and the whole set just came together once the pink was added to the mix. Funny how the unexpected can work so well sometimes, isn't it?

Megan x
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