Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Candy Palette and A Puffy Crochet Square

It was fun playing with fabric combinations the other day to make some new bundles for the shop. These delicious candy-like colours made me think of lollies and sweets so I dubbed this bundle "Gingerbread House" - of course, without Hansel, Gretel or the witch to mess things up for that matter!

In my quest to get over my fear of having to go through the whole trial and error process with taking pictures - I'm impatient! - and my desire to have better quality photos. I've been practicing with the DSLR camera.The iPhone does a pretty good job, however it doesn't provide the clarity a good camera does. Thankfully my sister is patient enough to help me. I'm not sure if my method is a good one, but I tend to just press the settings up and down until the picture looks right. I will have to set aside some time so I can absorb exactly what is what, which should eventually make the process a lot faster and a little less random.

This puffy crochet square. It's not perfect as I am still very much a crochet beginner, but I decided to have a break from my granny squares and make this puffy one from the RedAgape blog. Mandy is a crochet (and style!) inspiration. The pattern really requires a much lighter weight yarn but I only had 8 ply on hand (as mentioned above, I'm impatient) and I really wanted to give it ago. Hence my square is a chunky little number and lovely and squishy. I'm not sure if I will make any more in my 8 ply, though I don't know what it'll do without any friends to accompany it into a cushion cover or something, but I'd love to make more using a finger weight yarn. Guess it'll have to go on the crafting wish list.

Have you got any projects on the go at the moment? Please share below!

Megan x


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