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Joyful Stitches

Do you ever find it difficult to set aside creative time? I am guessing you said yes! There's always another load of washing to hang out, always some computer work to do, always not enough time in the day. Today I was determined however to make sure I finished at least one block on the quilt that is a very belated birthday gift for a loved one. She'll probably receive it next year at this rate!

I have my quilt making L-plates on. The recipient prefers the hatched and patched style over the more intricate quilt patterns available. Luckily so do I and it's a lot easier as a beginner to make a simple patchwork blanket. One of the reasons it has been taking so long, is because I have been hand-stitching little quotes or words into some of the blocks. I want a vintage, loved feel for this blanket. Something that looks like it should hang over the veranda railings to air in the sun on a warm summers day. A blanket that looks like it has always been there and is stowed away in an old chest when not needed.

On this square, I added an old vintage doiley that is a favourite of mine. I will miss it but it feels like this is finally the right project to add it to. The floral stitching was already there but I wanted to put a quote in the centre, however as there wasn't a lot of space I opted for a single word. I chose Joy. I want each little stitch to infuse happiness, comfort and love into each square. One thing I have always loved about quilts is their ability to make you smile and feel loved. There is something wonderful about wrapping a handmade blanket around your shoulders or laying out as a picnic rug.

I am considering having it professionally quilted when the time comes as that's one reason why I am not a huge fan of making quilts. And it would probably look a lot nicer. I have been honing my crochet skills and would like to add a crochet lace border to it when it is finished!

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