Sunday, 4 October 2015

Lazy Weekend

The past few weeks have been so hectic, it was a must that this weekend be spent a little more slowly. The weather here is unseasonably cold for October, with scarves and jumpers still being thrown on whenever we venture outside. The skies are grey and cloudy and it was a no-brainer that this weekend would be an inside one. 

On Saturday we drove out to Mungalli Dairy and sat in a cosy corner in their little farmhouse cafe catching up and simply relaxing, while the rain painted drops on the windows outside as we sipped hot chocolates and ate a locally produced farm style lunch. Sunday was spent pottering around, tidying up a few things, playing with crochet, hexagons and generally lounging as that seemed to be all I had the energy for. 

Hopefully taking a slower couple of days and enjoying the extra day the long weekend has tossed us, will have me recharged for the week ahead. It's good to just stop sometimes and take a deep breath. (And maybe an afternoon nap or two!)


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