Tuesday, 27 October 2015

By Hand: Crochet and Hexagons

I can only spend a small amount of time on the sewing machine with my shoulder, so I have finally started some of those things that I have always wanted to either learn or just do, and two of those things include crochet and making little fabric hexagons.

I have knitted a little bit, but nothing fancy - mostly just scarves with too many dropped stitches and holes in them. But I have always been drawn to crochet - particularly because so many crocheted items I have seen online have been in such bright, beautiful colours and the designs are often so fun and cheerful. Determined not to be a forever 'one day I will...' person, I have set about teaching myself crochet, starting with granny squares. I really enjoy it, it's so relaxing and it's great to have a craft that is so portable. I can sit outside in the morning with a cup of tea, or on the lounge at night - it's great! I would like to make some of the gorgeous amigurumi toys I see one day, so borrowed the above book from the library to flick through. I really want to get the Tendre Crochet book when I am up to this stage! It's beautiful.

As for the Hexagons, I would love a whole hexi quilt one day. I am aware that will probably take forever, so I am contenting myself with starting a hexie collection. It's like a button collection, except you make them yourself! Like tiny pictures, I make them randomly from scraps and fat quarters and love the making process for the same reason I love crochet - quick, relaxing and portable!

Do you love hand making things? 
Whether it's embroidery, applique, crochet, knitting or making hexagons - what do you like about the by hand process? I'd love to know!


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