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Vintage Bambi Fabric and Designer Double Gauze

I'm just a little excited about the arrival of these gorgeous prints in November and December. 

The Bambino collection is a stunning range of bright, vintage inspired prints featuring blue birds, lambs and little bambi deer that make any girl worth her fabric stash sigh. These prints will be so perfect across a variety of applications, whether for decor or clothing. They are cheerful and bright - reminding me of some of the nursery decals on 1960's Tv Show Bewitched! These pretties are available for pre-order in the Dolly Henry fabric shop and you can save 10% by purchasing now!

Designer Double Gauze by Riley Blake is also due out in December ~ anyone who has ever worked with double gauze will know what I mean when I say it's a dream to handle and so so soft! The nature of this fabric lend itself especially well to baby clothing and soft furnishings like cushions and quilts. Available in on trend, bold and modern geometric prints, you can pre-order  these now in the Dolly Henry fabric shop and save 10%!

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