Monday, 7 September 2015

Tea, Crochet and New Japanese Cottons

Hello September! I'm shaking off the last of the winter chills and enjoying the milder days that come with Spring, before we are blasted with the full heat of a North Queensland summer.

I have swapped from lovely merino to soft cotton, so that I can continue to perfect the art of crochet throughout the impending summer haze. Hot cups of tea will soon be replaced with fruit juice, ice cubes and soda. But not just's just sunny enough to tan my white winter legs 
and plant a spring flower bed.

A lovely bundle of Japanese cottons arrived on the first day of Spring, the box contained the prints above, vintage florals and an adorable blue teapot print! The Yuwa cottons are so fabulously soft, I think I may have to sneak some for a summer project... You can find them here.



  1. These photos are fantastic! It is getting cold here too, and will be changing things to warm up a bit!

    xoxo Emily

    1. Hi Emily! Thank you so much! Sorry I took so long to publish your comment xx


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